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Chatham Graduate Psychology Program to Offer Continuing Education Programs

PITTSBURGH:   On September 25, 2015, Chatham University will co-sponsor a continuing education (CE) event at PNC Park, providing American Psychological Association-approved CE credits for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and counselors. Community collaborators for the event are the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association (GPPA) and Gateway to Collaboration, a group of attorneys and psychologists who do collaborative divorce work. The continuing education programs are being presented as part of the GPPA 2015 Networking & Educational Fair.  Detailed information about speakers, schedule, and registration can be found here.

Open to all regional behavioral and allied health professionals, the Networking & Educational Fair is entitled: “Collaborative Relationships: Networking Towards Wellness.” The continuing education programs include:

  • Ethical Issues in the Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • The Importance of Substance Use Assessment, Treatment, Intervention, and Research for Psychological Practice
  • Therapist-Mindfulness: Enhancing the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Trauma Sensitive Approaches to Therapy: An Overview of Current Thinking
  • Techniques to Take the Family from Fear to Relationships
  • Embodied Intimacy In the Earth Community: Ecopsychology, Contemplative Spirituality, and Our Ethical Calling
  • Helping Families at Risk for Physical Abuse Using Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT)

Additional benefits of attending include:

  • Find referral sources or promote your services
  • Learn who is providing groups or locate supervision/consultation/peer groups
  • Meet with other Behavioral Health providers, administrators and professors
  • Meet forensic specialists, neuropsychologists, group therapists, evaluators and other specialists
  • Find a job or find a qualified candidate for a job opening

About the Sponsoring Organizations
GPPA is the largest organization of psychologist and other behavioral health professionals in the region, taking the lead in bringing together practitioners, administrators, instructors, and professors to meet, learn about each other and share the wisdom of the behavioral health community. Gateway to Collaboration is a nonprofit group devoted to educating the public about Collaborative Divorce, a process to resolve disputes respectfully and to facilitate the promotion and development of the Collaborative Divorce Process. Chatham University is a 145-year-old educational institution in Pittsburgh with over 2,100 undergraduate and graduate students in over 60 degree programs. It is the home of three graduate psychology programs, including a Masters of Arts in Psychology, a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctor (PsyD) of Counseling Psychology. The Chatham University Psychology Continuing Education Program has also been approved to be a CE sponsor by the American Psychological Association.