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Chatham University to Offer Paid Paternity Leave

PITTSBURGH:  Chatham University announced the adoption of a new Paid Parental Leave Policy effective January 1, 2016 for eligible full-time, male and female administrative staff and faculty. With this policy, the University will provide up to six (6) consecutive work weeks of Paid Parental leave to an eligible employee who is an eligible parent following the birth or adoption of a child, subject to the terms and conditions as noted in the University’s Paid Parental Policy.

This new Paid Parental Leave Policy is in keeping with a growing movement in Pittsburgh to make the city a family-friendly place by offering paternity/maternity leave. Chatham was also one of the very first institutions in the city to provide same-sex partner benefits for employees, and is committed to continue to adopt forward-thinking employee benefits in order to create a supportive workplace for its employees.