Chatham Views

We got your smart moves right here.


A recent article in Time magazine’s Money section featured 8 Things College Students Should Do Now That Will Pay Off Big Later. We thought you should know that Chatham makes them super easy – here’s how.

1. Get to know your professors.
Faculty come to Chatham because they value the personalized attention that they’re able to give to students. Our faculty are equal parts inspiration and door-openers, and student and faculty often stay connected for years after graduation. 

2. Use your college career office.
Our Office of Career Development is truly passionate with engaging with students from day one, year one. We’ll help you identify your strengths and passions, find an internship, polish your resume, and otherwise do everything we can to prepare you for life after graduation. We have a vibrant network of alumni mentors who want to help, too.2-CarDev

3. Snag an internship or two, or more.
We believe so strongly in the value of internships that we make them a core compartment of the Chatham Plan, our blueprint for undergraduate success. Chatham students have interned with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Pirates, across the country and abroad.

4. Conduct research.
Chatham’s small class sizes and engaged faculty make it easy to contribute to your field’s knowledge base as an undergraduate. Our students publish articles in journals and attend and present at academic conferences. Funding for undergraduate research is available from sources including individual departments and the Women’s Institute.4-Research

5. Earn a valuable credential.
Set yourself apart from the crowd or simply explore your own interests with an International Certification. You can do a deep dive into the history, politics, and culture of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or Latin America.

6. Master a second language.
Chatham offers Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish on a regular basis. Students enjoy field trips, plentiful study abroad opportunities, and fun on-campus events like International Karaoke. (PS: every student gets an automatic $1200 voucher to use towards studying abroad, for example, toward an international field experience.)6-Lang

7. Get a part-time job.
In addition to plentiful opportunities for on-campus employment (in 2015-2016, there were 420 on-campus positions filled by students), Chatham is a short walk from Squirrel Hill and Shadyside, safe and beautiful neighborhoods with restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. We’re also a short bus ride to downtown Pittsburgh—and with your Chatham ID, all public transportation is free.

8. Take a personal finance class.
We offer a student-centered 10-week financial wellness program focused on best practices that’ll serve you well in school and beyond.