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GO BABY GO helps kids with mobility impairments


Developed by physical therapists at the University of Delaware, Go Baby Go is an initiative with clubs across the country that modifies ride-on toy cars so that they can be used by children with mobility deficits. Erin Gaffney, DPT ’17 brought the idea to Chatham.

Erin and some of her classmates rewired a Hello Kitty car so that it can be used by Ella, a four-year-old who has used a wheelchair since surgery to remove a tumor on her spinal cord left her unable to use her legs. Ella can now use her hand to operate the “gas.”

“Being able to move independently in a play situation does so much for kids’ social skills, and that’s really the whole idea,” says Erin. “Mobility matters for children of all ages, and that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

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