Chatham Views

Campus Message from President Finegold

Last night’s election results came as a surprise to many individuals from across the political spectrum, and this morning the country has awakened to a changed political landscape, where the results, reasons and the way forward are just now beginning to be fully processed.

Regardless of what happens in our daily politics, I hope that here at Chatham we can continue to focus on our core values: gender equality, inclusiveness and acceptance, dialogue and civic engagement, and the pursuit of a more just and sustainable world. That is the community we want to create and the values we seek to foster in the classroom, on campus, and that we hope our students carry with them after graduation. Over Chatham’s nearly 150 years, we have persevered through many profound political transitions and societal changes, and I’m hopeful that we and the country will weather this one too.

We will have a number of opportunities for students, faculty and staff who wish to discuss the election results over the next couple of days:

  • The Diversity Dialogue session scheduled for 11:30 am today in the Carriage House will be postponed and we will focus on a discussion of the election results and their implications.
  • The 24 hour lounge in the Carriage House will be available as a quiet space; electronic / media free zone.
  • Opportunities for dialogue will take place throughout the day in main Carriage lounge. All faculty staff & students are invited to join.
  • Tomorrow night at 5:30 pm the Center for Women and Politics will be hosting a post-election analysis in Mellon to kickoff the “Thinking Bigger” series of events that runs from tonight through Saturday.

David Finegold