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Dept. of Social Work & Criminology to Host Speaker on Unsolved Murder Case

PITTSBURGH: On October 16th, Chatham University will host speaker, Bill Thomas, who will discuss the cold case of the Colonial Parkway Murders, a case that involves four couples brutally murdered from 1986 to 1989 around Williamsburg, Virginia. Hundreds of investigative eyes have looked at the cases, but they remain unsolved.

The Department of Social Work and Criminology and the Chatham Cold Case Group will be hosting this event at Beckwith Hall on Chatham’s Shadyside Campus from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The event is free and open to the public.

 About Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas is an entertainment executive living and working in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Philadelphia for the last 30 years. As he pursued his career as an artist advocate, Bill mourned the loss of his younger sister Cathy, who had been brutally murdered together with her friend Becky, marking the start of the Colonial Parkway Murders.  In 2009, after a news story broke that the FBI had lost control of 78 highly graphic crime scene photos from the unsolved serial murder case, Bill stepped in to lead a group of eight families in their quest for answers in the Colonial Parkway Murders.

About The Chatham Cold Case Group
Founded by Dr. Christine M. Sarteschi, Associate Professor of Social Work and Criminology at Chatham University, the Chatham Cold Case Group involves a group of Chatham students who are actively investigating unsolved crimes across the United States. More information about this group and the cases they examine can be found