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The only student from Hyderabad, India to have been accepted to the prestigious Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, Soumayani Ghoshal spent this fall semester living and learning at Chatham. As the semester comes to a close, we asked her about her experience of being part of the Chatham community while representing India and how she qualified for the opportunity.

Q: What is the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program? 
A: Global UGRAD is  a one-semester scholarship that gives outstanding undergraduate students from around the world the opportunity for non-degree full-time study combined with community service, professional development and cultural enrichment.

This year, there were 22,661 applications from around the world, 250 finalists, five of whom were from India.

Q: What is something you did not expect about Chatham? 
A: I never expected my classes to be so interesting and interactive. I also did not expect people here to be so warm and welcoming from the very first day. It has just been four months and I have come to call this place home.

Q: Why did you choose to major in journalism? 
A: I have always been inclined towards writing, and journalism is something I am extremely passionate about. I am majoring in journalism back in my home country with world politics as a minor, so I wanted to learn more about this field in the United States too. This opportunity led me to shadow a journalist at the Pittsburgh Post-gazette, which was very exciting.

Q: What are your future plans? 
A: I am looking forward to coming back to the United States for a Master’s degree in Investigative Journalism, and I hope to be able to work here someday.

Q: What’s something that you miss about India that you wish could be implemented in the United States? 
A: Honestly, it’s the other way around. As the semester is almost coming to an end and so is my program, I will miss the fun and engaging activities that Chatham offers to students on a regular basis and wish to implement these in my University back home.

I was also very inspired by students here who make their own financial decisions and work to pay for their college. This is something that we don’t have back home and I wish to do something about that.