Chatham University

Occupational Therapy Alumni


"I am so grateful to have been a part of Chatham's MOT program. The tight-knit community at Chatham - especially within the MOT department - made me feel supported, challenged, and encouraged. The professors genuinely wanted me and my classmates to succeed which was an empowering feeling. As a new clinician, I feel very prepared and excited because of my experiences at Chatham. "

-- Anne Brady, MOT Class of 2017


"My OTD experience at Chatham University was awesome and took me to places I never imagined I would or could be. I have learned so much more about the OT profession, such as the occupational therapy practice framework, the Centennial vision, and the evolving profession of occupational science. This journey has equipped me with the tools and resources to explore other avenues as an occupational therapist. I am capable searching and analyzing the literature for evidence-based practice principles. I am comfortable using different types of technology to deliver educational resources that will enhance learning and health literacy. I am cognizant of the need as an occupational therapist to increase my awareness of people who may be occupationally deprived or marginalized, and to find ways of promoting their occupational performance and well-being. I am more aware of the wealth of local and national resources available such as, grants and loans that can be used to expand the reach of occupational therapy services to promote health and wellbeing, and reduce health disparities in the communities. I am driven to think outside of my traditional way of thinking, from an individual to a group service delivery. I recognize as an occupational therapist my holistic approach to care is a tremendous asset for healthcare as well as non-healthcare organizations, and preventative services can have a positive impact on people's lives."

-- Teina Daley, OTD Class of 2017


"The most important thing that this journey taught me was how to apply and integrate acquired knowledge into my personal and professional life. Prior to starting this program, I observed occupational injustices but did not realize I could do something about them. As a result of Chatham's phenomenal OTD program, I know that I can be a change agent as an occupational therapist at my workplace, in the community, and globally."

-- Monica Cainion, OTD Class of 2017


"I am forever grateful for my graduate experience at Chatham in preparing me to provide true holistic OT treatment for others. The MOT curriculum is embedded with several experiential learning opportunities and consistently emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the connection between mental and emotional health with physical well-being. Today, I still remain in touch with several of the OT faculty members who continue to provide support in my growth as a clinician."

-- Elizabeth Sherman, MOT Class of 2016


"I feel that the OTD program has made me grow professionally as an OT and as a student. I have learned and developed so many new skills that can prepare me to be a better OT, leader, researcher, evidence-based practitioner, and educator. I have learned that I can accomplish a lot while dealing with working full-time, a part-time job, and raising a family."

-- Brooke Gingrich, OTD Class of 2017


"When I reflect back on the beginning of the OTD journey in January 2016, if feels like forever ago, yet just yesterday at the same time. The pure elation of graduation did not fully hit me until I picked up my regalia at the bookstore last week and the woman was shouting "Congrats Dr. B!"

I can confidently say I have a better set of skills in order to make me a more well-rounded practitioner. I enhanced my knowledge through a greater focus on evidence-based practice, educational technology and leadership skills. The coursework reminded me of the importance of setting goals for myself in order to accomplish the things I am passionate about both professionally and personally.

My capstone project on the topic of health literacy has affected the way I approach and treat each individualized patient. Having more knowledge in this area has changed my approach when communicating with patients on a daily basis. I am much more aware of health literacy and its overall effects on therapeutic interventions and the health care system in its entirety.

Looking ahead to the future, I would like to assume the role of an adjunct occupational therapy professor. This is the primary reason I set out on this doctoral journey. I would still like to keep up my clinical skills while taking on new roles in education. Education is empowering; it creates a new inspiration for the continued commitment of being a life-long learner."

-- Alexa Bevacqua, OTD Class of 2017


"Even though this experience has been a roller coaster, I am glad I decided to broaden my horizons and step out of my comfort zone. I think I have become a more occupation- and evidence-based practitioner. I have succeeded in making myself more marketable and I have become more invigorated to pursue my passions and different employment, thereby expanding my comfort zone. I strongly believe that I would not be the individual or professional I am today if not for the education and support I've received along the way. Regardless of what path I choose, the doctoral experiences have helped shape the individual that I am and will unconsciously impact my future."

-- Rachel Partner, OTD Class of 2017


"Throughout my career as an MOT student at Chatham, I was challenged in ways that helped to fully prepare me for a wide range of clinical settings. The entire faculty is knowledgeable, professional, and truly invested in the success of its students. Now, as a practicing clinician, I am even more appreciative of the emphasis that our faculty placed not simply on professionalism and clinical skills, but on the importance of evidence based practice. Chatham's MOT program has helped to prepare me for the fast paced and ever-changing nature of today's world of healthcare."

-- Lindsay Morris, MOT Class of 2016