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Profile of a Chatham Graduate

Chatham graduates are well-prepared for professions upon graduation. One year after graduation, 93% of Chatham graduates report they are either employed or attending graduate school. Graduates have expressed their satisfaction with the career preparation services provided by the Office of Career Development:

"The Office of Career Development has provided me with unlimited resources and guidance that gave me an incredible advantage when I began my job hunt; everything from internships, interest inventories, resume development and review, job search strategies, access to employment fairs, and interview preparation to workplace etiquette and behavior. Not only did I gain the technical skills to find and keep a job, I also received personal guidance and encouragement from the Career Development staff that helped shape me into the employed 'World Ready Woman' that I am today"
-Cynthia Weiman '05 (Social Work)

"As a non-traditional student with many years of both professional development and work experience, I partnered with Career Development to connect with employers in my field of interest and expertise. I am pleased to report that I secured professional employment with a prominent non-profit organization one month before graduation."
-Nadine Banks, '08 (Business Administration/Marketing)

"Chatham University's Office of Career Development gave me the support I needed as a student stepping out into the 'real' world. I gained valuable networking experience at job fairs and received one-on-one resume building and career search assistance. Learning how to transfer my skills from the classroom to the workforce gave me the confidence necessary to succeed in my career."
-Leah Reed '05 (Psychology and Cultural Studies), MSCP '06

Employers also share their recognition of the value of university career preparation and services:

"Our Premium Sales Assistant interned with us as a Chatham student and we hired her full time upon graduation. We recommend partnering with Chatham for internship, volunteer, and employment openings. They do a fabulous job of preparing students for the workplace!"
-Brian Chiera, Senior Director Marketing and Ticket Sales, Pittsburgh Pirates

"The Bank of New York Mellon believes that internships, volunteer experiences, and participation in clubs and organizations can help students develop the skills sought by prospective employers. By participating in such activities, students can demonstrate problem-solving, interpersonal, and strong team skills. They also have the opportunity to build self-confidence and self-awareness along with a sense of social responsibility. The Bank of New York Mellon continues to invest in career development partnerships as an avenue to connect with quality candidates"
-Terri L. Gregos, Vice President, Director of College Relations, The Bank of New York Mellon

Chatham Undergraduate Highlights:

Chatham undergraduate students benefit from the preparation offered by the women's college structure:

Graph shows the benefits of a women's college exceed those of other liberal arts colleges and public universities.

All Chatham undergraduate students complete an independent study project within their major. Many of them complete a "tutorial" which is a year-long thesis research project that must be created, investigated, written, and then orally defended by the student before a board of faculty and professionals. Other students may engage in the creation of art portfolios or design work. By engaging in these independent study projects, students gain the field-related skills necessary to conceptualize projects and bring them to completion.

Chatham Graduate Highlights:

Chatham University's College for Graduate Studies and College for Continuing and Professional Studies provide men and women with undergraduate, graduate, professional, and continuing education of the highest quality with primary emphasis on preparation for work and the professions. Students participate in required field experiences and on site experiential learning within their course of study. Graduate programs at Chatham are dedicated to assuring professional preparation through problem-based learning, attention and responsiveness to market data, use of technology, collaboration, diversity, and global awareness.

Contact Us:

To find out more about Chatham's programs, the skills of students and graduates, or to share employment or career preparation opportunities for our students, please contact the Office of Career Development at or via telephone at 412-365-1209.