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Did you know?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of jobs are filled by networking. Click here to see what networking events are available to Chatham students and alumni this year!

The US Department of Labor says 16 percent to 18 percent of all job seekers find jobs at career fairs. Click here to see what career fairs are available to Chatham students and alumni this year!

You can attend job fairs and networking events starting in your very first year at Chatham, even if you are not looking for a job or internship and just want to learn about companies.

Attending these events also enables you to meet and talk to hiring professionals to learn what you need to do to prepare for an eventual job or internship. Our office of career development provides assistance in job fair preparation including what to wear, preparing what you’ll say, how to network, etc. and you can email us anytime to set up a personalized appointment:

In the meantime, check out these WestPACS YouTube channel videos on how to prepare:

Events are announced and promoted via email through Facebook, the weekly Career Development E-News for students, the Student Activities calendar, and through the NACELink database.