For Women, Glass Ceilings, and Glass Walls, Too

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. — One week after the election, many students on my campus, one of the nation’s largest women’s colleges, remain heartbroken that Hillary Clinton was not able to shatter, in her words, “the highest, hardest glass ceiling.”

At Smith, every student leadership position from captain of the sports team to president of the student government is held by a woman, but my students know, even today, that this is a rare exception in a sexist world.

Still, there was a lot of hope and excitement on campus leading up to Election Day. This week, one student told me: “I’m still in shock. The reality is hitting me in waves.”

Many people have attributed Mrs. Clinton’s loss to her actions in public life, or to an America that wanted “change” at any cost. But this loss is as much about sexism as anything else.

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