Women disappointed in 2016 election results get ‘Ready to Run’

WASHINGTON — Rabiya Kader never considered making a run for political office. It’s an “ugly business,” she said, and she hates asking people for money.

Then Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to win the presidency, and Kader’s thinking changed. Trump’s potential Supreme Court picks, alone, could yield a lifetime of policy positions that run counter to her core beliefs, said the 42-year-old patent attorney and Democrat from Princeton, N.J.

She learned on social media about a Rutgers University program that teaches women how to run for public office and registered early for the March session, telling her friends “we should actually do something and run.”

“I thought, now’s the time to participate and not just vote, be an active voice,” she said.

Before the election, conventional wisdom said Hillary Clinton could inspire more women to run for office by becoming the first woman president. But if interest in campaign training is any indication, Clinton’s loss — and more specifically, Trump’s victory — may be having a similar effect.

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