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Chatham University B.A. in Political Science

What should I study if I am interested in law?
Chatham University has a pre-law program designed to support students who are interested in careers in the legal professions. The pre-law advisor can help you with selecting courses, preparing to take the LSATs, thinking about legal careers, and choosing a law school. Law schools do not require a specific major, but there are courses that will help a student prepare for a legal career. The Law and Society minor combines courses which are useful for legal study with courses which develop skills in critical thinking.

What opportunities are there for additional study?
Chatham University is a founding member of PLEN (Public Leadership Educational Network) which offers weeklong seminars and summer internships in Washington, D.C. The seminars include sessions with people on Capitol Hill, and they feature topics on public policy, pre-law, science policy, women in Congress, and women in international policy. The PLEN program (and other programs) are administered by the Chatham University Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics.