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Political Science (BA) Learning Outcomes

This section explains the discipline-specific goals and objectives of the Political Science program.


  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the political and judicial actors, institutions and processes of the government of the United States
  2. Demonstrate a knowledge of past and present political actors and institutions through which world governments and organizations affect, promote, and implement public policies
  3. Demonstrate the ability to recognize the influence of global forces and identify their connections to local and national developments

Program Competency: Critical Reading

Demonstrate ability to extract and interpret information from both primary and secondary sources and identify and critique and major arguments and evidence

Program Competency: Analytical Thinking

Demonstrate ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments in the context of previously learned material

Program Competency: Problem Solving

Demonstrate ability to formulate hypotheses and research questions based on data

General Education Competency: Information Literacy

Demonstrate ability to locate and evaluate the perspective, quality and accuracy of information resources

General Education Competency: Written/Oral Communication

  1. Demonstrate ability to clearly communicate knowledge via oral and written means
  2. Demonstrate ability to utilize the proper methodologies necessary for writing a political science research paper