Chatham University

RN-BSN Clinical Information

All students in the core RN-BSN Program at Chatham University must complete three courses with clinical components in order to complete the program.

All students need to complete a clinical experience in an appropriate agency and have a qualified preceptor. The RN-BSN Clinical Coordinator, Lora Walter MSN, RNC-NIC, is available to assist the student in finding a proper agency and preceptor and must approve all clinical agencies and preceptors. Preceptors must be currently licensed as a registered professional nurse in the state where the clinical occurs, hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree or higher, be employed by the host clinical agency, be actively practicing at least 1000 hours per year in their position, and commit to helping the student achieve 35 or 70 hours of supervised clinical for the experience depending on the course the student is enrolled in. Questions or problems with these criteria can be addressed with Lora Walter on a case-by-case basis.

All students enrolling in a course with a clinical component need to contact Lora Walter once they have enrolled in the course to begin making arrangements. Students will need to have all clinical arrangements in place 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. Students not completing the requirements in time will not be permitted to continue with clinical courses once the session begins. There will not be any exceptions.

Students must meet all clinical requirements, complete their clinical experience and project, and submit all necessary documentation within the 7-week session. A clinical course requires the student to meet all clinical requirements in order to get a course grade. A clinical failure will result in course failure and a need to repeat both the theory and clinical portions of the class.

Lora Walter, RN-BSN Clinical Coordinator, may be reached by email at or phone at (412) 365-1377 with questions or concerns.