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Bachelor of Science in Nursing for RNs (RN-BSN) Tuition & Fees

When you choose Chatham University for your undergraduate studies, you'll not only be investing in your education, you'll be investing in your future. Chatham University gives you the opportunity to enhance your current professional standing or launch a new career, all within a unique and supportive learning environment.

Cost for the degree program listed below consists of tuition, which varies by program and full- or part-time enrollment status, as well as any applicable University and degree-specific fees.

RN-to-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN)

Tuition per Credit : $ 530
Required Credits : 26 – 30 credits
Students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 college-level credit hours to be awarded a BSN degree. Students may transfer up to 90 credit hours of college level courses into the program unless the student earned their Associate or Diploma in Nursing prior to December 2015 from a school that holds an Articulation Agreement with Chatham University (through Summer 2019) or can be considered a Second Degree student.

University and program-specific fees are not included in the tuition amounts above. Additional expenses to tuition and fees may include health insurance, housing and meals, transportation, parking, books, clinicals (practice experiences), materials and other miscellaneous living expenses should also be considered.

To be considered a full-time undergraduate student, you must be enrolled for twelve credits in each term. Part-time students carry a smaller credit load and are enrolled in at least six credits in each term.

Financial Aid

Students accepted into and enrolled in Chatham's undergraduate degree programs and who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply for financial aid through the Direct Loan Program. International students are not eligible for the Direct Loan Program and must rely on personal financial resources to fund their studies. Chatham's financial aid office will work closely with you so you can understand your options and help you with the application process.

Billing & Other Details

The current per credit tuition rate is $ 530/credit hour

Any current student who registers after the designated open registration period each semester will be assessed a $150 Late Registration Fee. This is a non-refundable fee added to the student's term invoice. Any pre-registered student will be responsible to make payment arrangements and financially clear by the published tuition due date each semester. Students who do not financially clear by the published tuition due date will be assessed a $150 Late Financial Clearance Fee. This is a non-refundable fee added to the student's balance.

For further information regarding tuition and fees, financial policies and procedures, the institutional refund policy, and other important information, please reference the current University catalog.