Chatham University

View this Web site in different languages

There are several options to view the content on Chatham University's Web site in different languages:

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and your web browser has a language other than English set as the default language, you should automatically see a translation option menu appear at the top of the page. Click on Translate to view the page in your default language or select another language from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot example of the menu translation bar

  2. You can scroll to the bottom of any page on the Chatham Web site and click on the Select Language dropdown menu. This will display a list of language options that Google Translate supports.

    Screenshot example of the Select Language dropdown in the Web site footer

  3. You can also download the Google Toolbar that includes a tool for language translation. To translate a page just click on the Translate button and confirm that you would like to translate the page.

    Screenshot of the Google Toolbar

Please note that all translations are provide by Google's Translate tool and may contain inaccuracies. To find out more about the tool please visit the Google Translate page.