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Chatham University B.A. in Women's & Gender Studies

Why choose an interdisciplinary major like Women's and Gender Studies?
Academic disciplines investigate the questions and use the methodology developed by that discipline. Majors in academic disciplines teach students to understand the methodology of the field and apply it to problems or issues. Women's and Gender Studies has developed its own intellectual framework and methodology of feminist theory, but the analysis of questions on the role of women in society branch into other disciplines as well. The major at Chatham has a core of courses in Women's and Gender Studies with a variety of electives from other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities on issues of women in society.

How can I get involved with programs about women?
TheWomen's and Gender Studies major promotes student involvement through connections with the Rachel Carson Institute and the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics. These Centers sponsor programs for students like NEW Leadership, an educational program for young women to learn about how to be active citizens and how to influence public policy.

How does Chatham promote women's leadership?
Students can both participate and become leaders in the Centers' programs. Once at Chatham, studunts can apply for annual Experiential Learning awards to travel or conduct special projects. The Service Internship inWomen's and Gender Studies provides opportunities to work with women’s organizations in a variety of fields. The Office of Student Affairs also has many opportunities for leadership development through Chatham Student Government, residential life programs, and student organizations.