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Low-Residency Graduate Certificate in Infant Mental Health

The Low-Residency Graduate Certificate in Infant Mental Health (IMH) is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to promoting the social and emotional well-being of all infants and families within the context of secure and nurturing relationships. IMH services support the growth of healthy attachment relationships in early infancy, thereby reducing the risk of developmental psychopathology and enhancing enduring strengths.* In addition, IMH services identify and provide services to high risk infants and their caregivers.
*Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health, 2002

Students may choose to enroll in these courses at a rate of $980 per course on a not-for-credit or certificate basis. Enrollment in the program on a credit basis will cost standard university graduate rate per credit.

IMH Certificate Program Structure (18 Credits)

The IMH certificate program focuses on relationship-based training in order to promote optimal development of infants and families. The coursework includes academic and applied training based on the most current research to prepare students for work with infants and their families. Training will emphasize service learning and experiential opportunities.

Six of the courses are taught in an online distance learning format.

The certificate program is open to degree-seeking students as well as to individuals in the Infant Mental Health field who desire to take courses to satisfy continuing education requirements.

Admission Requirements

Individuals in a health- or child care-related disciplines, including but not limited to counseling, education, psychology, social work, nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant, child welfare managers, juvenile court judges, foster/adoption agencies, drug treatment staff who work with pregnant/new mothers, correction officers with pregnant inmates, crisis pregnancy staff, those who work with teen mothers and high risk families, and any other related disciplines, may enroll in the IMH Certificate program without being admitted to Chatham University as a graduate student. A bachelor degree is required.

Applicant Must:

Admissions Materials may be submitted to:
Chatham University
Berry Hall/CCPS Admission
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Fax: (412) 365-1609

Additional Information

Participants in Chatham University’s Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) program may concentrate in IMH and participate in special field placement opportunities upon completion of IMH coursework. Practicum and Internship I and II training opportunities will include evidence-based treatment and specialized supervision working with infants and their families. Students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of children at risk for developmental problems including attachment difficulties, failure to thrive, pervasive developmental disorders, and multiple-etiology behavior problems. Students interested in enrolling in the IMH program as a focus within their MSCP degree should contact Robert Gallen, Ph. D. at or 412-365-1110.