Chatham University

Chatham University Policy Studies

The policy studies majors – Global Policy and Public Policy – are multidisciplinary majors, centered in economics, history, and political science, and draw upon the expertise of faculty in other disciplines. These majors are built upon a single required core of courses, which provides students with the tools essential for a coherent understanding of and participation in policy making, as well as those tools necessary to undertake a policy-oriented tutorial. These majors also integrate internships with classroom experience, and provide applied courses focused on either American policy making or policy making in a global context.

Global Policy Studies
Global Policy Studies is designed to prepare students for careers in international policy making in public and private settings. Additionally, it prepares U.S. students for the examination for entrance into the U.S. Foreign Service and other government careers. It serves a similar purpose for international students interested in interpreting U.S. policy to their national governments, and all students for careers in multinational corporations and organizations. It serves as an appropriate base for graduate work in international relations, law, public policy, and applied history, as well as more traditional academic fields.

Public Policy Studies
Public Policy Studies is designed to prepare students for careers in domestic policy making in public or private settings. Additionally, it provides an appropriate foundation for students interested in careers in public service, either in elected office or in government agencies. It is an appropriate background for students interested in non-governmental policy organizations. It serves as a base for graduate work in public policy and law, as well as for more traditional academic fields.