The Elsie Hillman Prize for Research on Women and Pennsylvania Politics

In an effort to stimulate research on women and Pennsylvania politics a prize will be offered for the best paper on a graduate level and on an undergraduate level. This award recognizes one undergraduate and one graduate student for a paper that demonstrates original research on women and Pennsylvania politics. Submissions can be course papers or research papers, including senior tutorials or honors theses. Papers cannot be co-authored with other students or faculty. To have a paper considered for the competition a student must submit a PDF copy of their paper to in the fall semester no later than November 1 of the calendar year. Award recipients will be announced in the spring by March 1.


The papers will be judged by a panel of three people consisting of: the PCWP executive director, the PCWP faculty affiliate and an outside faculty member at Chatham University. Papers will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to our understanding of women’s political participation in Pennsylvania
  • Originality of the paper
  • Quality of writing and research