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    • Be pioneering

      Chatham's new Bachelor of Sustainability program, debuting Fall 2014, is an educational experience like no other. Learn more about the program and our Eden Hall Campus, the first campus in the world built on sustainability principles.

    • Build your business case

      Chatham's business programs create a foundation for success by developing strong leaders with an adventurous entrepreneurial spirit.

    • get a jump

      Our innovative Accelerated Graduate Program allows driven students to earn a bachelor's from Chatham and a master's from Chatham or another local partner school in five years, saving students both time and money.

    • Discover yourself in the sciences

      Chatham and the National Science Foundation have teamed up to offer a grant program open to undergraduate students majoring in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry.

    • See the healthcare field from all sides

      The Healthcare Management concentration in Chatham's MBA program helps practioners strengthen their business acumen and drives business professionals to see the field in full view.

    • Learn more.
      Do more. Be more.

      Chatham's Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program combines your interest in human psychological development with your passion for helping others.

    • Answer big questions

      The MSUS at Chatham is focused on providing the skill sets and knowledge bases needed to manage the complex sustainability challenges facing our world today.

    • Find your voice

      Chatham's MFA in Creative Writing is the premier program for writers focused on nature, environment, and travel writing. The personalized experience and focus areas make it an attractive program to aspiring writers, editors, and instructors.

    • Catalyze green change

      Chatham's Master of Science in Green Chemistry program is the first of its kind in the nation developed specifically for the practice of green chemistry.

    • Finish strong

      Chatham's new B.A. in Business Administration and B.A. in Psychology online completion programs let you earn your degree using what you've already accomplished.

    • Make it better

      Chatham's Master of Science in Nursing curriculum shifts the academic portion of the program to a fully online environment that best fits the life and career obligations of practicing nurses. Propel your career with tracks in leadership, education, or informatics.

    • Chicago style

      More than just a delicious way to fix up a hot dog, it's one of the rival citation styles that employers expect skilled communications professionals to be adept using. Chatham's MPW trains students to be skillful in a variety of writing contexts and styles.

    • Lead change

      It's coming fully online in Fall 2013. Chatham's new MEd in Educational Leadership will provide working teachers and higher ed professionals the knowledge and credentials to push the boundaries of education for their students and themselves.

    • a world-ready american education

    • a new world

      What makes us a destination for an international student's graduate education? A metropolitan experience with a nurturing academic community are just a couple aspects of the many that make Chatham stand out.

    • Continue your development

      Chatham's ELP helps students build and refine their English Language skills for future academic and career pursuits.

    Admission - Everything you need to know

    No guesswork here - just the information you need. If you do have any questions, Chatham's admissions team is happy to connect to answer any questions and take you through the process.

    Eden Hall Campus

    Click to go to the Eden Hall Campus page

    Get introduced to the plans for our state-of-the-art sustainable campus, read up on the history of Eden Hall, and find out the latest on its development now underway. Learn More.

    Recent News

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    The Chatham Advantage

    At Chatham's core are mission initiatives that bring Big Thinking for a Big World to life. Our commitment to advancing these missions runs throughout the Chatham experience.

    Centers & Outreach

    To further the outreach and impact of our mission initiatives, our program centers interact with the campus community and the surrounding region through education, advocacy and events.