Chatham University

M.A. in Interdisciplinary Design &
M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Design

Chatham's new Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Design and Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Design programs integrates elements of visual communication design, film and digital technology, and interior and landscape architecture to enable students to develop critical connections between designer, the designed, and the end user. The last two decades have seen interactive design reshape the practices of communication design. The goal of the Interdisciplinary Design degree programs is to prepare students to face the changing role of contemporary designers and embrace and act upon new creative opportunities as they arise.

The Program

The M.A. in Interdisciplinary Design is a three semester, 30 credit hour program that can be completed in one year. Students who wish to earn the M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Design can continue for an additional year (36 credit hours). Our program is unique in that it builds upon designers' traditional design skills by deepening students' experiences in traditional visual communication (branding, packaging, typography) while introducing them to eMerging specialized fields of sustainable green design, film and video, and interactive design. Students develop design foundations, a knowledge of communication methodologies, design praxis, and problem solving techniques. These communication systems are modified and adapted to varying forms of media – from print, video to the web – so that students may become flexible and responsible designers working within a rapidly shifting global culture. Graduates will be prepared to work in design industries as well as bring these skills to associated venues.