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Prototyping & Design Lab

Prototyping & Design Lab

Prototyping & Design Lab at the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship at Chatham University

The Prototyping & Design Lab is located at Chatham University's Eastside campus on the second floor, adjacent to the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship Hub. The Lab is open to community-based women entrepreneurs as well as Chatham University students, faculty and staff who are interested in designing and prototyping physical products. The Lab provides access to digital fabrication tools in an inclusive environment to inspire creativity and innovation.

The Lab features a variety of easy-to-use tools and equipment from local startups and established companies. It contains small creative and crafts materials, and flexible small-space tools such as a multi-functional 3D desktop printer, sewing machines, microcontrollers, robotics kits, other fine machining and textile processing tools.

A variety of local subject matter experts will facilitate hands-on workshops at the Lab in addition to webinars and hours by appointment. Entrepreneurs and students can test and iterate their prototypes at the Lab with guidance from these experts. This allows them to prototype their products as a first step toward commercialization in the most efficient way using lean entrepreneurship and design thinking principles.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 01

P&D Lab Member & Student Hours By Appointment

Contact our office at to make an appointment or for more information.

Members of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Chatham Students, Faculty, and Staff can make a free appointment to come in and use any of the following lab equipment*:

- Carvey 3D carving machine (requires a project produced in the free online program Easel)
- BoXZY 3D printer and laser engraver (requires a .STL file, preferably produced in the free program TinkerCAD)
- Industrial Serger
- Straight Stitch Sewing Machine
- Embroidery Machine
- 3D Scanner
- LilyPad Arduino
- Hummingbird Duo

*(the Center may require you view a tutorial prior to your session: use of the Carvey will require a free EASEL account and use of the BoXZY will require you to email us a compatible .stl file prior to your appointment).

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