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Biographical Secondary Source Materials
  • FF1 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Nature—Woman’s World—n.d.
  • FF2 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Misc.—Postcard: Southport Island, Maine—P. Montley—n.d.
  • FF3 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Misc.—Parnassus High School Graduating Thesis—Carson, Rachel—1925
  • FF4 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—The Gentle Storm Center—Life Magazine—1962
  • FF5 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Awards—1963-1964
  • FF6 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—The Legacy of Rachel Carson—Udall, Stewart—Saturday Review—1964
  • FF7 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Obituaries—1964
  • FF8 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Calendar Portrait of Rachel Carson—1976
  • FF9 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Journals—A Tribute to Rachel Carson—Graham, Frank—EPA Journal—1978
  • FF10 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Rachel Carson: Famous Men and Women of Pittsburgh—White, Joseph B.C.—Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation—1981
  • FF11 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Rachel Carson Stamp—1981
  • FF12 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Booklets—Pennsylvania’s Women in History Week—Waters, Bertha—Pennsylvania Department of Education—1983
  • FF13 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Magazines—Rachel Carson’s Early Years—Wareham, Wendy—Carnegie Magazine—1986
  • FF14 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Rachel Carson: Dreamers and Defenders—Strong, Douglas H.—University of Nebraska Press—1988
  • FF15 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Rachel Carson’s “House of Life in the Boothbay Region” –Logan, Jennifer—Boothbay Register—1989
  • FF16 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Bayer USA/Mobay—Time Magazine—1990
  • FF17 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Misc.—House Bill for Designation of Rachel Carson Day—General Assembly of PA—1991
  • FF18 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Correspondence—Article by High School Classmate—Williams, Gail—1995
  • FF19 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Clippings—Breaking Nature’s Silence: Pennsylvania’s Rachel Carson—Budwig, Lisa—Rachel Carson Homestead—1998
  • FF20 Rachel Carson—Biographical Sources—Magazines—Rachel Carson—Matthiessen, Peter—Time Magazine—1999



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