Undergraduate Housing

Our residence halls are a window to Chatham's past while being steps from the amenities that make Pittsburgh great. Explore this page for all housing available to Chatham students.

View logistics, policies and other details for on-campus housing in the dropdowns below, and scroll further down the page to see available on-campus housing options. 

On-Campus Housing & Resources 

Below are the scheduled move-in dates for resident student arrival for Fall 2022. More specific information regarding move-in logistics will be emailed by the Office of Residence Life in July.

New & Transfer Move-In: New & Transfer students will move in on the morning/early afternoon of Wednesday, August 24, 2022. The exact hours for move-in and assigned move-in time slots will be emailed in July. See note below regarding Early Arrival groups is you are a new in-season athlete, international student, or choir members.
Early Arrival Groups: Listed below are various groups that will move-in early due to an authorized University commitment. Further information about these individuals move-in process will be communicated by the Office of Residence Life and your program director or coach.
  • August 6th & 7th – Resident Assistants
  • August 15th – Orientation Leaders & Chatham Activities Board members
  • August 17th – New and Returning Volleyball and Soccer team members.
  • August 19th – New and Returning Cross Country Team members.
  • August 19 & 20th – New Incoming International Students (Information about your move-in process will be communicated and coordinated by the Office of International Affairs)
  • August 23rd – Chatham Choir Members
Returning Students: Returning students are tentatively scheduled to move-in on the morning and afternoon on Saturday, August 27, 2022. The exact hours for move-in and further instructions will be emailed in July. See note above regarding Early Arrival groups is you are a new in-season athlete, international student, or choir member.
The on-campus living experience is vital to the growth and development of the whole student. All students who have completed less than four terms of college/university are required to reside in on-campus housing for their first two years on campus. Falk School students are required to reside one year at the Shadyside Campus and another at the Eden Hall Campus. The exact year Falk School students reside at Eden Hall is based on their academic program. Sustainability and Environmental Science majors reside at Eden Hall their second year, and Food Studies majors reside within their third year.
Exceptions to the residency policy include:
  • Students who plan to live with parent(s), legal guardians, or adult relatives in the greater Pittsburgh area (within 30 miles of campus). 
  • Students who are 21 years or older and have been out of school for a year or more living independently from their parent(s) and/or legal guardians.
  • Students who transferred from another college or university and have already complete four terms at their previous institution.  
  • Students who have a prescription for medical marijuana are exempt from the residency requirement pursuant to the University’s Medical Marijuana Policy
Students requesting to be exempt from the residency status based on the criteria listed above must request to register as a commuter by completing the Application for Commuter Student Status. Any student requesting to be exempt for another extenuating reason can submit the formal request through the Application for Commuter Student Status. Please note, exemption requests beyond those listed above are rarely approved and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If you have any questions, please email reslife@chatham.edu
The 2022-2023 Housing Application will be available starting on February 1, 2022.
Before applying for housing, students will need to access myChatham using their username and password. The first time a student logs in they will be required to set up their Multifactor Authenticator. This security feature that enables you to access email and myChatham services from off-campus. If students encounter any issues logging in to myChatham, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 412-365-1112 or by email at services@chatham.edu
After you have access to myChatham, students apply for housing and meal plan through the StarRez Housing Portal located on myChatham > myTOOLS > Student Housing. During the application process, students are required to submit a $150.00 Housing Deposit utilizing a credit card (individuals who can’t pay with credit card must contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@chatham.edu to receive instructions on how to make payment by check or cash before starting the application process).
To apply for housing, complete the following steps:
  • Login to myChatham (if you can’t log in to myChatham contact the IT HelpDesk at 412-365-1112 or email services@chatham.edu
  • Select myTOOLS
  • Select the Student Housing button
  • Follow all on-screen instructions 
A visual step-by-step guide is located online here.
Please email the Office of Residence Life if you have questions or call 412-365-1518.
Students living on campus should expect to live with a roommate during their time with us.
However, Chatham does recognize that occasions exist when students require specific accommodations to be successful. Some examples of accommodations include: single-resident room, semi-private bathroom, strobe light fire alarm, air conditioner, or modified meal plan. Questions regarding Chatham's Medical Accommodation Policy can be directed to the Coordinator of Residence Life at 412-365-1518 or email d.baublitz@chatham.edu.

View the Medical Accommodations Form (pdf)

Residence Hall Refrigerators & Microwaves

  • Click this link to watch a video that provides more information about the MicroFridge program. Students who would like a refrigerator or microwave in their room must rent a MicroFridge unit. These combined units use less energy and have built-in safety features to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. Units are delivered to your room prior to your move-in and are picked up after you move out. Students are not permitted to bring their own units from home. Each MicroFridge cost around $200.00 to rent for the year and there is an option to buy for those interested. When making your rental decision, be reminded each residence hall has community kitchens. Students residing in the apartments do not need to rent a MicroFridge as your apartment comes equipped with a kitchen that includes a refrigerator. We suggest talking to your roommate as we only allow one MicroFridge Unit per two students in the room. Details can be found herePlease note: Orchard Hall residents are not permitted to have a MicroFridge or any type of refrigerator or microwave in their room. Due to the building being designed around sustainability this goes against the purpose and intent of that residence hall.

Residence Hall Linens

  • If purchasing linens, we recommend students purchase twin extra-long sheets to ensure they fit your residence hall bed. These linens can be purchased any major retailer, but Chatham also has a linen service provider who many students utilized this past year to purchase their residence hall linens. For more information about this linen option, visit this website.
The Office of Residence Life provides a list of recommended and prohibited items for all students. Due to safety reasons, certain items and actions are not permitted in any of the residence halls or apartments on-campus. The list can be found online here.

Furniture & Setup: All residence halls rooms and apartments are furnished. Residence Hall rooms included a student bed, desk and chair, and dresser (residents either have their own closet or share one with their roommates). Apartments bedrooms come furnished with a bed, desk, and dresser (sometimes a desk or two are located in the living room, and residents either have their own closet or share one with their roommates). The apartments also come equipped with a couch, dining room table and chairs, and a coffee table. Each apartment also has a living room, kitchen (equipped with a stove, sink, apartment refrigerator), and a bathroom. Residents in apartments are responsible for providing other amenities for shared spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, such as pots, pans, plates, kitchen appliances other than the stove and fridge (i.e., microwave, etc.), toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. University-provided furniture cannot be removed from student residence hall rooms or apartments. A list of prohibited items for residence halls and apartments can be found online by clicking here.

Heating & Air Conditioning: All residence halls and apartments have heat. Facilities usually turn on the head at a set point in October or November when we have a number of consistently cold days. The heat in buildings is also often regulated by outside temperatures. Air Conditioning is not available in the following residence halls and apartments: Dilworth Hall, Fickes Hall, Rea House, Laughlin House, Woodland Hall, Chatham Apartments, Chung Apartments, Linzer Apartments, and Pelletreau Apartments. Residents are not permitted to bring or install their own air conditioning. Only students approved through the Medical Accommodation Process are allowed to have air conditioners installed in their room. If a student is approved, the university will provide and install the Air Conditioner in the student's individual bedroom. Further information about the Medical Accommodation Process can be found online by clicking here.

Laundry: Each residence hall and apartment complex comes equipped with laundry facilities at no cost. Laundry Rooms are located on each floor in Woodland and Fickes. Laundry for the apartments, Dilworth Hall, Rea House, and Laughlin House are located in the basement or on the first floor. The laundry in Orchard Hall is located on the third floor of Orchard Hall. Students sign-up for laundry time slots by clicking on the following link. Outside contractors manage the maintenance and upkeep of laundry facilities. If you experience any issues with laundry, please submit a maintenance request.

Utilities: All utilities, including heat, water, electricity, and WiFi, are included in all on-campus residence hall rooms and apartments.

Community Kitchens: All residence halls (Dilworth Hall, Fickes Hall, Rea House, Laughlin House, Woodland Hall, and Orchard Hall) have community kitchens or kitchenettes in each building. All apartments come equipped with a full kitchen, including an apartment stove and refrigerator in each unit. The kitchen is used strictly by the residents in that apartment and any of their guests that they permit to use it with the permission of roommates. Community kitchens are cleaned by housekeeping, but apartment kitchens are expected to be maintained by the residents of that apartment.

Cleaning: Residence Halls community areas, such as bathrooms, hallways, lounges, community kitchen, and other spaces, are generally cleaned Monday through Friday by Facilities Management. Any residents who have a semi-private bathroom in their residence hall room are responsible for cleaning this space themselves. Residents in the apartments are responsible for cleaning their individual apartments.

Internet: All residence halls and apartments come equipped with WiFi access. If you experience any WiFi issues, please submit a work order directly to the IT HelpDesk by clicking here or call 412-365-1112.

Maintenance and Upkeep: All residence hall and apartment maintenance and upkeep are managed by Facilities Management. Facilities prioritize maintenance requests on the severity of the issue, which means some maintenance requests may take 7 to 10 business days (and in some cases) longer to be addressed. For example, suppose an apartment has a plumbing issue, and another student has a broken desk drawer. In that case, the plumbing issue is expedited and addressed as soon as the Facilities Management staff can, whereas the desk drawer will be fixed but not a priority. Suppose students are submitting a maintenance request due to a fire/explosion. In that case, lack of heat, flood or significant water leak, major structural damage, or loss of electricity do not submit the request online. Instead, contact Public Safety (412-365-1230) or Residence Life On-Call (412-951-0003) to report the issue, and they will give you immediate directions. Maintenance requests are received and monitored during regular business hours. 

Live-In Staff:  Chatham University has live-in staff, both undergraduate, graduate, and professional, that are available 24/7 to assist on-campus residents in the event of an emergency. Public Safety also provided 24/7 emergency support. Information about our emergency support services can be found online by clicking here 

Photo of two Chatham University students hanging out in a historic mansion that's been converted to University housing

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a special housing option which affords students the opportunity to continue to learn outside of the classroom through the use of programming, daily interactions with other residents, and connection with faculty, staff, and community resources. Students who are selected to reside in a LLC are required to help develop and participate in LLC programming and to be an integral part of the community.

Learn About LLCs : Checkerboard 1 - Living Learning Communities

Shadyside Upper Campus: Dilworth Hall

Situated in the heart of campus, Dilworth Hall was constructed in 1959. The building is named after Joseph Dilworth, one of Chatham's founders and Board of Trustees member. Dilworth houses over 70 student residents in double occupancy rooms on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and has two four-person suites on the ground floor. Dilworth provides students the convenience of being close to academic and administrative buildings on campus. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Room: $3,318
  • Multiple Occupancy Room (Double or 4-person Suite): $3,100 (per occupant)

Shadyside Upper Campus: Fickes Hall

Fickes Hall, a historic mansion, was built in 1927 and renovated into a residence hall for Chatham University in 1946. Situated on the picturesque southeast rise of campus, Fickes houses over 100 residents in a renovated mansion. The first floor includes quiet study space among the built in bookshelves of the dining room, a comfortable television room, and a great outdoor courtyard. A baby grand piano and traditional furniture fill the living room with places to study and have rich conversation. Fickes also provides apartment living for upperclass students with the convenience of being close to academic and administrative buildings on campus. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Room: $3,318
  • Multiple Occupancy Room (Double, Triple, Quad): $3,100 (per occupant)

Shadyside Upper Campus: Laughlin House

Marjory Rea Laughlin House, built in 1912, was originally home to James Laughlin, the president of the University's first Board of Trustees. In 1967 the residence was donated to the University and became a home for 32 students. The architectural features are true to the time period it was originally built, including a beautiful entrance hall, wooden staircases, and leaded stain glass windows. Laughlin House is Chatham's women-only dorm, as well as the new home to the Women's Leadership Living Community. This housing option is open to all students who are interested in learning about and actively participating in women's studies and female empowerment. The goal of this community is to foster a strong community among like-minded individuals. Laughlin houses students in single, double, triple, and quad occupancy rooms. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Room: $3,756
  • Multiple Occupancy Room (Double, Triple, Quad): $3,421 (per occupant)

Shadyside Upper Campus: Rea House

The Julia and James Rea House was donated to Chatham University in the late 1960s, but was built in 1912 by James C. Rea. With its rich wooden paneling and many fireplaces, the 23 room brick home is similar in model to a large English country house reflective of the early twentieth century time period. Rea House accommodates 28 first year and upperclass students and provides a living/television room, dining room, kitchen area and laundry facilities. Rea House is co-ed by floor and houses students in single, double, and triple occupancy rooms. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Room: $3,756
  • Multiple Occupancy Room (Double, Triple, Quad): $3,421 (per occupant)

Shadyside Upper Campus: Woodland Hall

Situated in the heart of campus, Woodland Hall was constructed in 1909. Woodland houses over 100 student residents in single, double, and triple occupancy rooms. This residence hall is located at the edge of the academic quad, and directly across from the library. The Woodland sun porch is the beautiful and comfortable lounge area that is the heart of the building. Woodland has fully accessible facilities and is the only residence area on campus with an elevator. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Room: $3,318
  • Multiple Occupancy Room (Double or Triple): $3,100 (per occupant)

Shadyside Lower Campus: Chatham Apartments

Chatham Apartments is home to 36 two-bedroom apartments for upperclass undergraduate students, and is located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Maryland Avenue adjacent to campus. Each apartment accommodates three students. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Bedroom in three-person apartment: $3,061
  • Double Bedroom in a three-person apartment: $2,842 (per occupant)
  • Double Bedroom in a two-person apartment: $2,951 (per occupant)

Shadyside Lower Campus: Linzer Apartments

Linzer Apartments sits on a grassy slope, slightly set back from bustling Fifth Avenue. These comfortable one-bedroom, furnished apartments are the closest to the main entrance of Chatham University's Shadyside Campus at the intersection of Woodland Road and Fifth Avenue. As such, they offer residents access to both the campus and the shuttle system with great ease. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Double Bedroom in a two-person apartment: $2,951 (per occupant)

Shadyside Lower Campus: Haber Apartments

This apartment complex delivers a quiet and comfortable atmosphere conducive to the graduate student lifestyle. Haber consists of seven furnished, one and two-bedroom apartments. These contemporary style apartments provide ample living space and are located across the street from the Shadyside Campus. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Bedroom in three-person apartment:  $3,717 (per occupant)
  • Double Bedroom in three-person apartment: $3,548 (per occupant)
  • Double Bedroom in two-person apartment: $3,657 (per occupant)

Shadyside Lower Campus: Chung Apartments

Located on the Shadyside Campus, Chung Apartments consists of units that are fully furnished and offers a spacious living environment. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Bedroom in three-person apartment: $3,444 
  • Double Bedroom in three-person apartment: $3,006 (per occupant)

Shadyside Lower Campus: Pelletreau Apartments

Pelletreau Apartments comprises six buildings split by a courtyard and surrounded by a spectacular mix of human engineering and nature. Recently renovated to include several metallic balconies and marked by two solar-powered light pillars, Pelletreau provides residents with fully furnished two-bedroom apartments that accommodates three students and are just a short five-minute walk to the Upper Shadyside Campus. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Bedroom in three-person apartment: $3,061
  • Double Bedroom in three-person apartment: $2,842 (per occupant)

Shadyside Lower Campus: Hicks Estate

Another mansion that was a private home in another life, Hicks offers a quiet and community-centered atmosphere and is consistently one of the most sought after apartment options. Located on the Shadyside Campus. The Estate’s Main House consists of ten furnished one bedroom apartments. The Hicks Carriage House and Hicks Annex each offer several one and two-bedroom furnished apartments as well. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Bedroom in three-person apartment:  $3,717 (per occupant)
  • Double Bedroom in a three-person apartment:  $3,548 (per occupant)
  • Double Bedroom in a two-person apartment:  $3,657 (per occupant) 

Eden Hall Campus: Orchard Hall

Located on the Eden Hall Campus, Orchard Hall embodies the Chatham mission of implementing sustainable practices and being environmentally focused. Orchard utilizes state-of-the art geothermal heating and cooling and every aspect of its design reflects the goal of being an energy neutral, LEED-Certified building. 2022-2023 cost per term:

  • Single Room: $1,433 
  • Suite-Style Room: $1,513 (per occupant)

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