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Master of Sustainability – Master of Business Administration Dual Degree

Chatham University's Falk School of Sustainability & Environment Master of Sustainability (MSUS) program, in partnership with Chatham's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, has developed a dual degree program that prepares graduates for sustainability management and leadership positions across all sectors including business, government, and NGOs. The program includes foundational coursework in both business and sustainability and extends the breadth and depth of students' knowledge bases with advanced work in various aspects of sustainability such as water, agriculture, and ecology as well as business.

The degree requires 57 credits, and is designed to be completed by full time students in two years. An optional first summer is offered for students who require prerequisites or simply want more time to take classes. In the program, students engage in consultation with sustainable businesses, complete individual or group sustainability projects, and apply their knowledge in summer-long professional placements. During these engagements, students will work on projects focused on real world challenges encountered by sustainable businesses, and include activities such as creating business plans for sustainability-focused organizations or collaboration on various projects in the scope of sustainability. Through the curriculum and outside learning opportunities, dual degree graduates will be uniquely prepared to champion and support sustainability initiatives in the business world.


The dual degree program leverages the strengths of Chatham's Master of Sustainability and Master of Business Administration programs to create a curriculum that develops sustainability leadership in business management. Graduates of the dual degree program will be capable of driving sustainability initiatives for companies, government agencies, and nonprofits that return triple-bottom-line success.


Eden Hall Campus

Eden Hall Campus is the first campus in the world "built from below the ground up" for the study of sustainable living, learning, and development. Using the latest in environmentally responsible technology, design and innovation, Eden Hall will be self-sustaining in every way by producing zero carbon emissions and generating more energy than it consumes.

See the latest updates from Eden Hall Campus at and learn more about the revolutionary campus from the brochure on the left.

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