Adam Reger




My focus as a writer is on fiction; specifically, creating work that is accessible and broad audience. I am very interested in writing fiction that is, for lack of a more erudite term, “fun.” In my own work, this has meant stories based on puzzles (“The Jumble Puzzle,” “Word Problems”), sports (“The Night the Washington Generals Beat the Harlem Globetrotters,” “Santo vs. Crushing Grief”), movies (“Woman in the Woods”), and other topics ranging from werewolves to art criticism. Additionally, I have published a humor book (U.S. Navy PirateCombat Skills, Globe Pequot Press, 2011) and have ghostwritten a novel and a children’s book for clients. My teaching interests include flash fiction and contemporary fiction; the short story—particularly collections unified by a common element, such as geographic location, character(s), or a central thematic concern; and prose writing, with an emphasis on building writerly discipline and developing various facets of the writer’s skill set through the use of writing exercises. I greatly enjoy introducing my students to work they would otherwise be unfamiliar with, and to pushing them in their writing to try new things and to put forth consistent effort as writers.

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