Courses & Curriculum

Chatham's Occupational Therapy Assistant to Occupational Therapy Doctor (OTA to OTD) is a seven-term, 99-credit-hour degree program. See the table below for the curriculum progression and courses in the program. Courses are offered 100% online unless otherwise noted.

Year One

OTH 638—Functional Neuroscience + Lab (3 credits, full term)  OTH 726—Pediatric Occupational Development & School-based Practice + Lab (4 credits, half-term) OTH 723—Occupational Performance in the Aging Population + Lab (5 credits, full term)
OTH 606—Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology + Lab (3 credits, full term) OTH 635—Pediatric FW I-A & Seminar (1 credit, half-term) OTH 724—Biomechanics of Human Occupation + Lab (4 credits, full term)
OTH 601—Foundations of Occupation & Wellness (3 credits, half-term)  OTH 629—Quantitative Research in OT (2 credits, half-term) OTH 636—Adult FW I-B & Seminar (1 credit, half-term)
OTH 620—Teaching & Learning in OT (2 credits, half-term)  OTH 632—Environmental Interventions (1 credit, half-term) OTH 640—Degenerative Neurological Conditions + Lab (3 credits, half-term) 
OTH 612—Evidence-Based Practice (2 credits, half-term) OTH 741—Acquired Neurological Conditions + Lab (5 credits, half-term) OTH 647—Assistive Technology (1 credit, half-term)
OTH 626—OT Models & Occupational Science (3 credits, half-term)   OTH 648—Qualitative & Mixed Methods Research in OT (2 credits, half-term) 
16 credits 13 credits 16 credits


Year Two

OTH 707—Introduction to Doctoral Capstone (3 credits, full term)  OTH 762—Fieldwork II-A (10 credits, full term)* OTH 765—Fieldwork II-B (10 credits, full term)* 
OTH 645—Professional Leadership & Management (3 credits, full term)   OTH 738—Doctoral Capstone Development I (3 credits, full term)  OTH 748—Doctoral Capstone Development II (1 credit, full term)  
OTH 639—Outcomes & Knowledge Translation (3 credits, full term)      OTH 747—Leadership & Professional Identity (1 credit, full term)  
OTH 644—Community FW I-C & Seminar (1 credit, half-term)       
OTH 705—Psychosocial Topics in OT + Lab (2 credits, half-term)**    
OTH 715—Advanced Practice Skills (1 credit, half-term elective)    
OTH 722—Pediatric Occupations Across Practice Settings + Lab (2 credits, half-term)**    
15 credits 13 credits 12 credits


Year Three

OTH 790—Doctoral Capstone Experience (12 credits, full term)*  
OTH 795—Doctoral Capstone Dissemination (2 credits, full term)* This is an online course, with a 3-day visit at the end of the term.
14 credits 

*=In-person, on-site

**=Low residency OTA students are expected to be on campus for several days per semester during this course.