Falk School of Sustainability & Environment

One of the earliest schools of its kind in the country, the Falk School is a wellspring for leadership and education to overcome current and future sustainability challenges. The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment is inspired by the work of Chatham alumna Rachel Carson '29, whose knowledge about the environment and passion to preserve it are traits that drive the mission of the school. The academic programs in the Falk School are dedicated to producing professional sustainability leaders.
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Bachelor of Environmental Science

Chatham University is on the forefront of environmental studies. The environmental science major provides students with an interdisciplinary, scientific perspective to help them develop an evidence-based approach to environmental challenges. Employment for environmental scientists is projected to grow 15% from 2012 to 2022, which is faster than the average for all occupations partially due to energy, climate change, and infrastructure challenges. 

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Bachelor of Arts in Food Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Food Studies (BAFS) offers a blend of practical skill-building and perspectives on food and agriculture through the analysis of social, cultural, economic, and environmental topics. It prepares students for multi-faceted careers and professional engagement in a wide variety of sectors in food and agriculture, with the skill sets to address the practical, economic, community, and social justice issues that are a hallmark of contemporary food systems jobs.

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Photo of three masked Chatham University students working in the agroecology garden on Eden Hall Campus

Master of Sustainability

The Master of Sustainability (MSUS) program in the Falk School prepares students with full-scale thinking to act upon our important local and large-scale global problems and be the agents of change that corporations, governments, and other organizations need to lead their sustainability initiatives.

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Master of Arts in Food Studies

The Masters of Arts in Food Studies (MAFS) emphasizes a holistic approach to food systems, from agriculture and food production to cuisines and consumption, providing practical experience from field to table. One of the greatest attributes our food studies education supplies is deep understanding.

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Eden Hall Campus

Located 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Chatham's Eden Hall Campus is the world's first academic community built from the ground up for sustainability. The grounds and infrastructure support research and learning around energy and climate; water and aquaculture; food and agriculture; community and health; and design and planning. As a Falk School student, you will balance your time between the Shadyside Campus and Eden Hall.

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Funding at the Falk School

The Falk School offers competitive scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate levels, work-study opportunities, and graduate assistantships that can help students save tuition money and gain valuable experience.

Photo of Chatham University students working at raised garden beds in a greenhouse at Eden Hall Farm.

Sustainable Summer: Immersive Environmental Day

Chatham University's Falk School of Sustainability & Environment is hosting a one-day summer immersive learning experience on June 27, 2024, for high school students interested in the environment, food, and sustainability. The Sustainable Summer: Immersive Environmental Day at Eden Hall Campus provides immersive and hands-on learning experiences led by Falk School faculty on topics covering Streams, Fish, & Clean Water; Forests & Plants; and Food, Farms, & Community.

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Rachel Carson Visiting Scholars Program

The Rachel Carson Visiting Scholars program is a short-term residency at Eden Hall Campus for leading scholars and professionals living the legacy of conservationist, public health advocate, and Chatham alumna, Rachel Carson. Hosted by the Falk School of Sustainability & Environment, the program provides an opportunity for scholars to spend a few weeks living at Eden Hall; engaging with Chatham faculty, students and partners; and sharing their work with local and regional leaders in Pittsburgh. 

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Career Outcomes

With the growing awareness of the systems that underpin all aspects of society, sustainability and food studies professionals are increasingly in demand. Graduates hold positions in government, non-profits, the private sector and education including at the City of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Allegheny Land Trust, Carnegie Mellon University, French Creek Valley Conservancy, Evoqua Water Technologies, 3R Sustainability, World Resources Institute, Hertz, and the Museum of Food and Drink. 

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Find out about Chatham's Agroecology Demonstration Garden, a student-focused garden at Eden Hall Campus where they pursue projects that illustrate what they're learning in class.

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Inside the Aquaculture Lab

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Food Studies Student Creates Community Garden

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Raising the Roof(top) Garden

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Chatham's Partnership with the Oasis Project

“It’s quite rewarding to work with Oasis, knowing that my knowledge and expertise is making a real connection to actual community members and actually helping them have a more secure food system,” says Chatham Aquatic Laboratory Director Roy Weitzell.

Photo of two Chatham University students sitting at a patio table outside of the Eden Hall Commons building at Eden Hall Farm on a sunny day.

Sustainability at Chatham

As one of the initial signatories of the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and alma mater of environmentalism icon Rachel Carson '29, sustainability at Chatham is more than a mission; it's a legacy. Our efforts toward sustainability at our locations, as they relate to energy and waste or to campus development and academic integration, have been recognized in our own community and around the world. Together, these approaches are set on extending the implementation of sustainable practices so that our students can create sustainable legacies of their own.