Curriculum & Schedule

Through the SLA, you’ll have the opportunity to explore fields critical to sustainability, including urban agriculture management, climate policy advocacy, green building design, and much more.

What You Will Learn

Leaders in sustainability fields design green communities and buildings, implement next-generation energy and water technologies, support local and just food systems, conserve and protect land, hold companies and governments accountable for carbon emissions, advocate for a socially just systems, like transit and housing, and so much more.

Chatham's Falk School of Sustainability & Environment faculty and Pittsburgh's leading sustainability professionals will guide you as you explore career options in urban planning, engineering, field biology, ecology, aquaculture, architecture, community organizing, agriculture, sociology, food systems, business and more through interactions with people, systems and the land. Solving wicked and systemic problems also involves a deep understanding of history, varied experiences and a sense of self related to social identities. To this end, we will engage in Intergroup Dialogue as we explore the current socio-political interconnections between social justice issues and topics in environmental sustainability. 

Please note that both the June and July program will include some similar key signature experiences of the SLA. Both programs will also tour various sites around Pittsburgh (although these destinations will vary by program) and will have experiential sessions with Chatham faculty on both the Shadyside and Eden Hall Campus (although session topics will again vary by program).


The schedule for the 2023 Sustainable Leadership Academy programs is subject to change. Please email Kelly Henderson with any questions.


Schedule is coming soon!
Schedule is coming soon!