Bachelor-to-OTD Bridge Program

Chatham’s long-standing bridge program can take you from bachelor’s to doctorate in just 20 months. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply now.

Chatham University’s bridge program sharpened my research and writing skills preparing me for the intensity of the doctoral program. The bridge program also exposed me to literature and research that provided a valuable role throughout the capstone process. It was the only program that offered a bridge semester and allowed me the freedom to choose a capstone project in an area that was of most interest to me and applicable to my current work environment. Being able to have a capstone that was relevant to my practice allowed me to integrate evidence-based skills into my daily work improving outcomes for my clients. — Dr. Leslie Cardoza


The bridge program starts in the fall and is one semester comprised of three courses, which prepare one for an online doctoral program that is writing intensive with an evidence-based practice focus. Following this fall term, students seamlessly enter the OTD program in the spring for the next four semesters (16 months). The bridge courses and subsequent OTD sequence are detailed below.

OTH 690 Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice for Occupational Therapists (3) - Students acquire evidence based practice literature skills by learning to search data bases for peer reviewed occupational therapy literature and appraising the evidence in terms of a focused research question. Students acquire knowledge of principles needed to critically read peer reviewed evidence through instructor demonstration of evidence appraisal, online group discussions/critiques of research articles, and writing assignments that require the student to summarize and paraphrase salient information in professional language.

OTH 695 Models of Practice in Occupational Therapy (3) - This course presents occupation based models that guide the practice of occupational therapy. Students will analyze and compare selected models via assigned readings and group discussions. Students will become familiar with elements and characteristics, assessment tools and techniques, treatment planning and intervention strategies, and documentation formats associated with the models presented, and apply selected models to their professional practice.

ENG 528 Academic Writing (3) - Students develop the writing skills necessary for success in graduate school, including proper citations, time management, and the content and format for two types of research proposals. Students become proficient in the APA style and have the opportunity to resolve grammar and structure problems with the professor.

OTD Cohort Sequence Beginning in Spring Semesters

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Spring Summer Fall Spring
OTD742 (3)
7 weeks
  OTD752 (3)
7 weeks
OTD740 (3)
14 weeks
OTD741 (3)
14 weeks
OTD751 (3)
14 weeks
OTD761 (3)
14 weeks
OTD772 (5)
14 weeks; 2-3 days on site
OTD760 (3)
6 weeks online; 3 days on site
OTD766 (3)
14 weeks
OTD750 (3)
7 weeks

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