Writing Center

The OAAR Writing Center can assist with all phases of the writing process.

Typical Writing Center services include:

  • Brainstorming/pre-writing strategies
  • Outlining and organization techniques
  • Assignment focus
  • Essay components: introduction/conclusion, thesis statements, body paragraphs
  • APA, MLA, or Chicago style formatting
  • Citations and references
  • Understanding instructor feedback
  • The revision process
  • Understanding and avoiding plagiarism
  • Grammar, spelling, and mechanics

Papers are returned in PDF format, which allows students to view changes and comments, but encourages their active learning and participation in the revision process.

The OAAR Writing Center is dedicated to encouraging active learning and upholding academic integrity. For these reasons, we are not a proof reading service. Our staff members are trained to help students by pointing out and explaining the first one or two instances of a mistake. After that, they will encourage the student to find and correct these mistakes throughout the rest of the paper.

View our full Writing Center policy.

Students enrolled in ENG105 must complete the First-Year Writing Program Diagnostic Exam before the start of the term. This diagnostic is designed to help the writing program evaluate your readiness for college composition.  

  • This exam consists of one essay prompt
  • Students have one hour to complete the exam
  • The diagnostic exam must be completed in one session 
  • The exam can be completed from any computer with Internet access

You will receive information and instructions for completing the Diagnostic Exam in your Chatham email during the summer once you are registered for ENG105, the First-Year Writing Seminar.

After you submit your exam, the OAAR Writing Center staff will review your essay and score it. Your score will help us determine your areas and methods for improvement in your writing. You will receive an email notification from the Writing Center within about a week outlining your results and next steps. 


How would you like to earn an elective credit to get help strengthening your writing skills while working on assignments for your other courses?

COR145 is a unique 1-credit writing supplement offered through the Chatham Writing Center. This course functions as a "lab" for ENG105, the first-year writing seminar. Students complete the lab alongside ENG105 and can be placed into the course by choice or based on standardized test scores, admissions profile or faculty recommendation.

Here's what you need to know about COR145:

  • Earn a credit for becoming a stronger writer. COR145 offers structured writing practice for students and guided assistance on ENG105 course assignments.
  • Students work with their assigned writing mentor on their current course assignments for ENG105 and other classes.
  • It fits in your schedule! The student and writing mentor determine a schedule of individual meetings, workgroups, and a few self-paced online activities.
  • You can register today! While students may be placed into COR145 based on their admissions application or standardized test scores, any student can choose to enroll in COR145 any semester.

For more information about COR145, email Nick Maydak or call OAAR at 412-365-1523.