Policies & Resources

View logistics, policies and other details for on-campus housing and off-campus housing below. For detailed pricing on housing, please visit our Tuition & Fees page.

On-Campus Housing & Resources

Shadyside Campus

Presently, we do not have any on-campus housing options on the Shadyside Campus for graduate students. If that changes this summer, graduate students will be notified. Otherwise, rental properties are abundant within the surrounding neighborhoods and throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Please review the off-campus housing section below for further details.

Applying for Housing

Apply for housing through the StarRez Housing Portal located on myChatham > myTOOLS > Student Housing. During the application process, students are required to submit a $150.00 Housing Deposit utilizing a credit card (individuals who can’t pay with credit card must contact the Office of Residence Life for further instructions about how to submit payment by check or cash before starting the application process).
To apply for housing, complete the following steps:
  • Login to myChatham
  • Select myTOOLS
  • Select the Student Housing button
  • Follow all on-screen instructions 

Medical Accommodations

Chatham does recognize that occasions exist when students require specific accommodations to be successful. Some examples of accommodations include: single-resident room, semi-private bathroom, strobe light fire alarm, air conditioner, or modified meal plan (when applicable). Questions regarding Chatham’s Medical Accommodation Policy can be directed to reslife@chatham.edu.

Recommended & Prohibited Items

The Office of Residence Life provides a list of recommended and prohibited items for all students. Due to safety reasons, certain items and actions are not permitted in any of the residence halls or apartments on-campus. The list can be found online here.


Benefits & Perks to On-Campus Living

Listed below are some of the benefits and “perks” to living in on-campus graduate housing:

  • Move-In ready units – All apartments and rooms are furnished
  • Offer 12-month leases (with possible summer lease extension)
  • No charge laundry facilities (laundry costs are built into housing charge already)
  • All utilities included (i.e. water, heat, electricity, internet, etc.)
  • WiFi access

Furniture & Setup: All residence halls rooms and apartments are furnished. Residence Hall rooms included a student bed, desk and chair, and dresser (residents either have their own closet or share one with their roommates). Apartments bedrooms come furnished with a bed, desk, and dresser (sometimes a desk or two are located in the living room, and residents either have their own closet or share one with their roommates). The apartments also come equipped with a couch, dining room table and chairs, and a coffee table.* Each apartment also has a living room, kitchen (equipped with a stove, sink, apartment refrigerator)*, and a bathroom. Residents in apartments are responsible for providing other amenities for shared spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, such as pots, pans, plates, kitchen appliances other than the stove and fridge (i.e., microwave*, etc.), toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. University-provided furniture cannot be removed from student residence hall rooms or apartments. A list of prohibited items for residence halls and apartments can be found online by clicking here.

*The Centre Avenue Suites do not come equipped with an in-unit kitchen, a microwave, or a coffee table.

Heating & Air Conditioning: All residence halls and apartments have heat. Facilities usually turn on the head at a set point in October or November when we have a number of consistently cold days. The heat in buildings is also often regulated by outside temperatures. Air Conditioning is not available in the following residence halls and apartments: Dilworth Hall, Fickes Hall, Rea House, Laughlin House, Woodland Hall, Chatham Apartments, Chung Apartments, Linzer Apartments, and Pelletreau Apartments. Residents are not permitted to bring or install their own air conditioning. Only students approved through the Medical Accommodation Process are allowed to have air conditioners installed in their room. If a student is approved, the university will provide and install the Air Conditioner in the student's individual bedroom. Further information about the Medical Accommodation Process can be found online by clicking here.

Laundry: Each residence hall and apartment complex comes equipped with laundry facilities at no cost. Laundry Rooms are located on each floor in Woodland and Fickes. Laundry for the apartments, Dilworth Hall, Rea House, and Laughlin House are located in the basement or on the first floor. Students sign-up for laundry time slots by clicking on the following link. Outside contractors manage the maintenance and upkeep of laundry facilities. If you experience any issues with laundry, please submit a maintenance request.

Utilities: All utilities, including heat, water, electricity, and WiFi, are included in all on-campus residence hall rooms and apartments.

Community Kitchens: All residence halls (Dilworth Hall, Fickes Hall, Rea House, Laughlin House, Woodland Hall, and Centre Avenue Suites) have community kitchens or kitchenettes in each building. All apartments come equipped with a full kitchen, including an apartment stove and refrigerator in each unit. The kitchen is used strictly by the residents in that apartment and any of their guests that they permit to use it with the permission of roommates. Community kitchens are cleaned by housekeeping, but apartment kitchens are expected to be maintained by the residents of that apartment.

Cleaning: Residence Halls community areas, such as bathrooms, hallways, lounges, community kitchen, and other spaces, are generally cleaned Monday through Friday by Facilities Management. Any residents who have a semi-private bathroom in their residence hall room are responsible for cleaning this space themselves. Residents in the apartments are responsible for cleaning their individual apartments.

Internet: All residence halls and apartments come equipped with WiFi access. If you experience any WiFi issues, please submit a work order directly to the IT HelpDesk by clicking here or call 412-365-1112.

Maintenance and Upkeep: All residence hall and apartment maintenance and upkeep are managed by Facilities Management. Facilities prioritize maintenance requests on the severity of the issue, which means some maintenance requests may take 7 to 10 business days (and in some cases) longer to be addressed. For example, suppose an apartment has a plumbing issue, and another student has a broken desk drawer. In that case, the plumbing issue is expedited and addressed as soon as the Facilities Management staff can, whereas the desk drawer will be fixed but not a priority. Suppose students are submitting a maintenance request due to a fire/explosion. In that case, lack of heat, flood or significant water leak, major structural damage, or loss of electricity do not submit the request online. Instead, contact Public Safety (412-365-1230) or Residence Life On-Call (412-951-0003) to report the issue, and they will give you immediate directions. Maintenance requests are received and monitored during regular business hours. 

Live-In Staff: Chatham University has live-in staff, both undergraduate, graduate, and professional, that are available 24/7 to assist on-campus residents in the event of an emergency. Public Safety also provided 24/7 emergency support. Information about our emergency support services can be found online by clicking here.  

Off-Campus Housing

View information on off-campus housing options and property management resources. These resources are provided as a convenience to students by the University. The properties and listed below do not constitute any recommendations or endorsements of any particular property or lease conditions.

Neighborhoods with easy access to Chatham, such as Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Oakland, and Point Breeze are all good places for graduate students to start their housing search. These neighborhoods each provide many amenities like shopping, entertainment and nightlife, and access to public transportation.

Chatham University has leased housing at with the following Property Management companies in the past and the University and students have been very satisfied:

Other Property Management Companies in the area include:

There are a variety of local housing options within driving distance of the Eden Hall Campus that graduate students can utilize.

Property Management Company:

Students have also used the following online resources in the past: