Undergraduate Housing

Our residence halls are a window to Chatham's past while being steps from the amenities that make Pittsburgh great. Explore this page to learn more about undergraduate housing options, our two-year residency policy, accommodations, and resources at Chatham. For detailed pricing on housing, please visit our Tuition & Fees page.

Shadyside Upper Campus: Dilworth Hall

Situated in the heart of campus, Dilworth Hall was constructed in 1959. The building is named after Joseph Dilworth, one of Chatham's founders and Board of Trustees member. Dilworth houses over 70 student residents in double occupancy rooms on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and has two four-person suites on the ground floor. Dilworth provides students the convenience of being close to academic and administrative buildings on campus. 

Shadyside Upper Campus: Fickes Hall

Fickes Hall, a historic mansion, was built in 1927 and renovated into a residence hall for Chatham University in 1946. Situated on the picturesque southeast rise of campus, Fickes houses over 100 residents in a renovated mansion. The first floor includes quiet study space among the built in bookshelves of the dining room, a comfortable television room, and a great outdoor courtyard. Traditional furniture fills the living room with places to study and have rich conversation. Fickes also provides apartment living for upperclass students with the convenience of being close to academic and administrative buildings on campus.

Shadyside Upper Campus: Laughlin House

Marjory Rea Laughlin House, built in 1912, was originally home to James Laughlin, the president of the University's first Board of Trustees. In 1967 the residence was donated to the University and became a home for 32 students. The architectural features are true to the time period it was originally built, including a beautiful entrance hall, wooden staircases, and leaded stain glass windows. Laughlin House is home to the Women’s Leadership & Femme-Aligned Living Learning Community. This housing option is open to all students who are interested in learning about and actively participating in women's studies and women's empowerment. The goal of this community is to foster a strong community among like-minded individuals. Laughlin houses students in single, double, triple, and quad occupancy rooms. 

Shadyside Upper Campus: Rea House

The Julia and James Rea House was donated to Chatham University in the late 1960s, but was built in 1912 by James C. Rea. With its rich wooden paneling and many fireplaces, the 23 room brick home is similar in model to a large English country house reflective of the early twentieth century time period. Rea House accommodates both first year and upperclass students and provides a living/television room, dining room, kitchen area and laundry facilities. Rea House houses students in single, double, and triple occupancy rooms.

Shadyside Upper Campus: Woodland Hall

Situated in the heart of campus, Woodland Hall was constructed in 1909. Woodland houses over 100 student residents in single, double, and triple occupancy rooms. This residence hall is located at the edge of the academic quad, and directly across from the library. The Woodland sun porch is the beautiful and comfortable lounge area that is the heart of the building. Woodland has fully accessible facilities and is the only residence area on campus with an elevator. 

Shadyside Lower Campus: Chatham Apartments

Chatham Apartments is home to 36 two-bedroom apartments for upperclass undergraduate students, and is located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Maryland Avenue adjacent to campus. Each apartment accommodates three students.

Shadyside Lower Campus: Linzer Apartments

Linzer Apartments sits on a grassy slope, slightly set back from bustling Fifth Avenue. These comfortable one-bedroom, furnished apartments are the closest to the main entrance of Chatham University's Shadyside Campus at the intersection of Woodland Road and Fifth Avenue. As such, they offer residents access to both the campus and the shuttle system with great ease. 

Shadyside Lower Campus: Haber Apartments

Haber consists of seven furnished, one and two-bedroom apartments. These contemporary style apartments provide ample living space and are located across the street from the Shadyside Campus. 

Shadyside Lower Campus: Chung Apartments

Located on the Shadyside Campus, Chung Apartments consists of units that are fully furnished and offers a spacious living environment. 

Shadyside Lower Campus: Pelletreau Apartments

Pelletreau Apartments comprises six buildings split by a courtyard and surrounded by a spectacular mix of human engineering and nature. Recently renovated to include several metallic balconies and marked by two solar-powered light pillars, Pelletreau provides residents with fully furnished two-bedroom apartments that accommodates three students and are just a short five-minute walk to the Upper Shadyside Campus. 

Shadyside Lower Campus: Hicks Estate

Another mansion that was a private home in another life, Hicks offers a quiet and community-centered atmosphere and is consistently one of the most sought after apartment options. Located on the Shadyside Campus. The Estate’s Main House consists of ten furnished one bedroom apartments. The Hicks Carriage House and Hicks Annex each offer several one and two-bedroom furnished apartments as well. 

Eden Hall Campus: Orchard Hall

Located on the Eden Hall Campus, Orchard Hall embodies the Chatham mission of implementing sustainable practices and being environmentally focused. Orchard utilizes state-of-the art geothermal heating and cooling and every aspect of its design reflects the goal of being an energy neutral, LEED-Certified building. 

Photo of two Chatham University students hanging out in a historic mansion that's been converted to University housing

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a special housing option which affords students the opportunity to continue to learn outside of the classroom through the use of programming, daily interactions with other residents, and connection with faculty, staff, and community resources. Students who are selected to reside in a LLC are required to help develop and participate in LLC programming and to be an integral part of the community. 

  • Apply for an LLC: You have the option to apply for an LLC when you complete your housing application. LLC applicants will answer several brief questions in order to be considered for LLC placement.