Course of Study

On this page, you will find a typical (not guaranteed) course progression by semester for Chatham University's Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Counseling Psychology program.

First Year: Fall Semester

  • PSY501 Foundations of Counseling Psychology
  • PSY629 Human Development
  • PSY662 Theories and Techniques of Counseling
  • PSY617 Psychology of Culture & Identity

First Year: Spring Semester

  • PSY642 Assessment
  • PSY657 Psychopathology & Resilience
  • PSY658 Evidence-Based Practice
  • PSY672 Group Counseling 

First Year: Summer Semester

  • PSY555 Statistics & Research Design
  • PSY607 Biopsychology
  • PSY627 Vocational Counseling
  • PSY681 Professional Integration Seminar (Master’s-level Ethics)

Master’s of Arts in Psychology is conferred August, before new fall semester starts.

Matriculate into full PsyD curriculum in fall semester of second year.

Total Years: 5

Total Credits: 103

First Year: Fall Semester

  • PSY780 Professional Seminar in Counseling Psychology
  • PSY816 Health Psychology Practice (3)
  • PSY716 Psychometrics
  • PSY746A Practicum I
  • *PSY674 Foundations of Family Therapy or other foundational course that needs completed

First Year: Spring Semester

  • PSY711 Multicultural & Diversity Issues in Counseling Psychology
  • PSY709 Intellectual Assessment
  • PSY810 Advanced Data Analysis
  • PSY746 Practicum I
  • *Any foundational course that needs completed 

First Year: Summer Semester

  • PSY715 Ethical Issues in Counseling Psychology
  • PSY750 Practicum II (optional)
  • Elective
  • *Any foundational course that needs completed

Second Year: Fall Semester

  • PSY714 Personality Theory & Assessment
  • PSY712 Advanced Research Design & Analysis
  • PSY750 Practicum II or PSY840 Practicum III
  • Dissertation credit

Second Year: Spring Semester

  • PSY707 Social Psychology
  • PSY708 Cognitive & Affective Bases of Behavior
  • PSY840 Practicum III
  • Elective or Dissertation credit
  • *End of second year: Comprehensive Examinations May & June

Third Year: Fall Semester

  • PSY806 Supervision & Leadership
  • PSY841 Practicum IV
  • Elective or Dissertation credit
  • *APPIC Pre-Doctoral Internship Applications due

Third Year: Spring Semester

  • PSY815 Organizations, Communities, and Consultation
  • PSY706 History of Psychology
  • PSY841 Practicum IV
  • Dissertation credit

Fourth Year: PSY871 Doctoral Internship

  • Dissertation credit(s), as needed

Total Years: 4

Total Credits: 85 – 103 (depending on masters degree and foundational courses completed)