Science Faculty Research Interests

From atmospheric particles to the human mind, footprints that reveal our evolutionary past, to molecular signatures that determine our future, join our science faculty on their journeys of discovery. 

Engaging in guided research projects, students have opportunities to learn cutting edge theoretical and practical skills, while exploring interests in human physiology, evolution, microbiology, environmental chemistry, computational modeling, and more. Below you can find our faculty members' current research topics.

  • Ali Abdulrahman: Clinically oriented human anatomical variation
  • Ethan Block: Molecular pharmacology of the dopamine transporter 
  • Mike Collyer: Evolutionary biology, morphometrics, and statistics 
  • John Dubé: Skeletal muscle biology 
  • Robert B. Lettan II: Organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry
  • Will Pfalzgraff: Using computational chemistry to elucidate dynamics in heterogeneous environments
  • Welkin Pope: Bacteriophages (viruses of bacteria) 
  • Jorge Sierra-Fonseca: Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying stress-induced neuropathology 
  • Erin Marie Williams-Hatala: Investigating the selective pressures acting on the modern human upper limb, and biomechanics of the primate hand and wrist