Carrie Tippen, Ph.D.

Photo of Carrie Tippen

Hometown:  Clarendon, TX
Joined Chatham:  2015


American Literature, Southern Literature, Cookbooks, Food Studies, Women's Studies, authorship, rhetoric and composition


Cooking, Bicycles, Yoga, and Baseball (watching!)


Carrie Helms Tippen is Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of First Year Writing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she teaches courses in American Literature and composition. Her new book, Inventing Authenticity: How Cookbook Writers Redefine Southern Identity (University of Arkansas Press), examines the rhetorical strategies that writers use to prove the authenticity of their recipes in the narrative headnotes of contemporary cookbooks. Her academic work has been published in Food and Foodways, American Studies, Southern Quarterly, and Food, Culture, and Society.

  • Ph.D., Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX), 2015
  • M.A. Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, TX), 2008
  • B.A. Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, TX), 2006
  • Texas Christian University: Women and Gender Studies Graduate Research Award (2014)
  • American Studies Association
  • MLA
  • Southern Foodways Alliance
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  • “Copying and Copyright: The Recipe Text as Offal.” Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK. July 2016. (Collaboration with Amanda Milian and Heidi Hakimi-Hood of TCU; paper will be published in conference proceedings)
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