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Applying for Housing & Meal Plans

We’re excited that you’ve decided to join us here in Cougar Country! Your next step in the journey is to apply for on-campus housing.

Anyone seeking on-campus housing will submit a housing reservation deposit and provide us with crucial information about who you are so that we can help you transition into our residential communities.

If you experience any problems logging in, please email the Office of Residence Life.

Deposit & Deadline

Applicants will pay the $150.00 housing reservation deposit within the online housing application. If you are unable to pay online, please email us for assistance.

We are asking all incoming students to complete their housing application by the May 1st priority consideration deadline. Completing an application by this deadline will guarantee you housing on-campus and you will receive your housing and roommate assignment by Mid-June.

Housing Application Overview

Your housing application will tell us a lot about you so that we can help you become an engaged member of our community. We will ask for important information about you through some lifestyle questions within the roommate questionnaire and for certain demographic information. You will also create an online profile for roommate matching and be offered the chance to apply for one of our three Living Learning Communities (LLCs).

Below are the steps you need to take in order to start the application process (view the step-by-step visual guide via links below or the myChatham Documents & Forms hub):

  1. Login to myChatham using your Chatham username and password
  2. Click on My Tools in the upper left hand corner, right above the "Photo of the Day"
  3. Select the STUDENT HOUSING icon within the My Tools section blocks
  4. When redirected to the “Welcome to the Housing Portal” page, click the Please visit the University login page to login link
  5. You will then proceed to a Chatham login page prompting you to “Sign in with your organizational account”. Enter your Chatham email address (i.e. Cougar@chatham.edu) and your Chatham email password.
  6. Once you complete your login, the “My Housing Application” page will provide a navigation bar with the HOUSING & MEAL PLAN APPLICATION
  7. Select Academic Year 2020-2021under Term Selector and press the SAVE & CONTINUE
  8. On the “Welcome” page of the application, press SAVE & CONTINUE and follow the remaining steps. These steps include the following:
    1. Personal Details
    2. Missing Persons & Emergency Contact
    3. Housing Deposit
    4. Housing Deposit Receipt
    5. Living Learning Communities (LLCs)
    6. Residence Hall Preferences
    7. Meal Plans
    8. Roommate Questionnaire: these are lifestyle questions that help determine a roommate compatibility percentage for roommate matching.
    9. My Profile: you have the option to check a tick box that will make you searchable in the system. You must tick this box if you plan to complete roommate matching; otherwise your peers will not be able to select or search for you during the roommate search process.
    10. Add Roommates: this is where you can either search for or select a specific roommate. You can search for someone using their username. Usernames default to your email address (without the @chatham.edu – i.e. Carson.Cougar@chatham.edu would be just Carson.Cougar) unless you choose to change it.
    11. Terms & Conditions: This is your housing contract with Chatham University. Please be sure to read this section carefully and acknowledge each statement by hitting "I Agree".
    12. Application Confirmation: your application is not complete until you confirm your application in this final step! We need you need to click the submit button. You will still be able to go in to make edits up until May 15th.

As you prepare to apply for housing, please keep the following in mind: 

Priority Consideration Deadline

Don’t forget in order to be guaranteed housing you should complete your housing application by May 1, 2020. Students who complete it by May 1st will be placed into housing first and receive notification of their housing and roommate assignment by Mid-June. After May 1, all students who complete their housing application by June 1st are guaranteed housing, but will not receive this information until late July. Anyone applying after June 1, 2020 will not be guaranteed housing on-campus.

Roommate Questionnaire

Please answer this accurately! Unless you select a roommate, we will use the answers you provide to match you with roommates. Students can request a specific roommates within the application or conduct their own roommate search outside of the portal. 

Roommate Requests

All roommate requests must be submitted through your housing application by May 15th. Roommate requests must be mutual, which means if someone requests you as a roommate you will need to login to accept the request. Requests will only be valid if all roommates request and accept each other.

Living Learning Communities

We maintain three (3) Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at Chatham University. You have the option to apply for an LLC when you complete your housing application. LLC applicants will answer several brief questions in order to be considered for LLC placement.

Medical Housing Accommodations

Students that require housing or dining accommodations due to a medical issue or disability need to submit a medical accommodation request. You can view our policy and documentation requirements online by clicking here or on myChatham, Documents & Forms. The priority consideration deadline for requests is May 1, 2020. If you have specific questions, please email Devin Fabian, Assistant Director of Residence Life.

Residence Hall Preferences

All incoming students are placed in housing by the Office of Residence Life – Student Affairs. When completing your application, you will rank your residence hall preferences. We will try our best to accommodate your preferences, but cannot guarantee specific placements or preferences.

Emergency & Missing Persons Contact

By Chatham University policies and federal law, you need to identify a contact for emergencies and for missing persons. These two contacts can be the same person or different people, per your preference.

Meal Plans

All residential students are required to have a meal plan and you will choose this within your housing application. Meal plan options are based on where you live and are managed by Parkhurst Dining. Students can only change their meal plan during the Add/Drop period (ending Tuesday, September 1, 2020). Please email meal plan questions to Parkhurst Dining.

Prohibited Items

We provide a list of prohibited items not allowed within the residence halls/apartments. This also includes recommended items. We encourage all students to review this list as we will require any prohibited items to be removed from the residence hall/apartments during move-in and throughout the academic year.

Refrigerators & Microwaves

Any incoming students that want a refrigerator or microwave in their room must rent a MicroFridge Unit. These combined units use less energy and provide safety features to ensure the well-being of our residents. Units are delivered to your room prior to your move-in and are picked up after you move out. The rental cost is approximately $200.00 for the academic year. When making your rental decision, be reminded each residence hall offers community kitchens. We suggest talking to your roommate as we only allow one MicroFridge unit per every two students in the room.

Details can be found on their website. All MicroFridge rentals should be placed through the rental company by August 7th.  

Sheets & Linens

When purchasing linens, we recommend twin extra-long sheets to ensure they fit your residence hall bed. These can be purchased any major retailer, but Chatham also has a linen service provider that many students utilize each year to streamline the process. For more information about this option, visit their website.

The on-campus living experience is vital to the growth and development of the whole student. All students who have completed less than four semesters of college/university are required to reside in on-campus housing for their first two years at Chatham University.

As an exception, students may live with parent(s) and/or legal guardians in the greater Pittsburgh area (within 30 miles of campus). Any student choosing to live at home must register as a commuter and provide documentation to the Office of Residence Life. Students found in violation will face disciplinary review and fines up to the cost of housing. Gateway students may request an exception to the residency requirement by contacting the Office of Residence Life.

Falk School of Sustainability and the Environment students are required to reside one year at Shadyside and another at Eden Hall. The exact year Falk School students reside at Eden Hall is curriculum dependent through the Falk School.