Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you'll find answers to all of your questions about financial aid and student accounts.

Financial Aid FAQs

If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid located at Braun Hall on the Shadyside Campus.
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 412-365-2781
Fax: 412-365-1871
Email the Office of Financial Aid

Download Financial Aid FAQs (pdf)


  1. Apply for an FSAID on the Federal Student Aid website.
    This is used to electronically sign Federal Student Aid Documents, including FAFSA and MPN. If you are a dependent student, your parent will also need an FSAID.
  2. Complete the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application after October 1, 2021.
    Start Date: August 2022
    Chatham’s school code: 003244
    Federal Student Aid Information Center (FAFSA and PIN helpline): 800-433-3243

    PA State Grant Deadline: May 1, 2022
  3. Complete the Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling on the Federal Student Aid website.
    An MPN is a promise to repay document for the Direct loan. It is also where you agree to the terms and conditions of the loan. Entrance Counseling ensures that you understand your rights and obligations as a borrower.

A federal loan that is available to students who meet the following three criteria:

  1. Enrolled at least half-time (six credits)
  2. US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  3. Not in default on prior federal loans
  • The lender is the US Department of Education
  • The Direct loan can be either subsidized (it does not accrue interest while you are enrolled at least halftime) or unsubsidized (it does accrue interest while you are enrolled in school), depending on financial need
  • Fixed interest rate of 3.73% subsidized or unsubsidized – as of July 1, 2021
  • Origination fee of 1.057% (retained by lender) – as of October 1, 2021
  • The amount that may be borrowed annually is based on grade level and dependency status
  • Loan is automatically deferred while you are enrolled at least half-time
  • 6-month grace period after graduation

Apply for Aid Online

Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan

  • Federal loan available to parents to borrow on behalf of a dependent
  • Credit-based
  • Can borrow up to the Cost of Attendance minus other aid received
  • The lender is the US Department of Education
  • 5.28% interest rate – as of July 1, 2021
  • 4.228% origination fee (retained by lender) – as of October 1, 2021
  • Upon request, can be deferred while the student is enrolled at least half-time

Apply for Aid Online

Private Alternative Loans

  • Credit-based
  • Borrowed in the student’s name, but would likely require a cosigner
  • May have a variable or fixed interest rate, which will be determined based on your creditworthiness when you apply

Chatham University, in an effort to recognize academic excellence, awards scholarships to deserving incoming full-time students. Many of these scholarships are funded by our various endowed scholarships. To qualify for a Chatham scholarship, students must complete an admission application, and in some cases interview or audition.

Chatham scholarships are all awarded through the Office of Admission, so please contact them should you have any questions regarding the application process or your scholarship eligibility. Admission can be reached at 412-365-1825 or by email Undergraduate Admission.

In addition, Chatham offers generous need-based financial aid. Students must complete the FAFSA in order to determine need-based aid eligibility.

For information regarding on-campus employment opportunities, email the Office of Career Development, call 412-365-1209, or visit the Career Development page.

Chatham University offers an outside scholarship database on for all deposited and current students. You can also visit our Admission & Aid section for more general information.

The award letter will be sent electronically via Chatham’s eAward system after your FAFSA is received by the Office of Financial Aid. You will receive an e-mail notification once your award letter is ready to view. The award letter will detail your financial aid eligibility and Cost of Attendance.

Student Accounts FAQs

If you have questions about student accounts, please contact the Office of Student Accounts located at Braun Hall on the Shadyside Campus.
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 412-365-2719
Fax: 412-365-1834
Email Student Accounts


You can view all of your student account transactions daily online by accessing the Student Portal at Select the “My Student Account” tab to make a payment or view your account online. To see a specific term, select the “Registration ‘Bill’” tab.

Chatham University offers two tuition payment plan options, year-based or semester-based. Both programs are interest-free and can help families finance tuition & fees over monthly installments. There is a $25 application fee for both plans.

Payment Due Dates

  • July 15th for the fall term
  • December 15th for the spring term
  • May 15th for the summer term

Installment Dates – Yearly Plan

  • Fall Term: July 15th through November 15th
  • Spring Term: December 15th through April 15th

Installment Dates – Semester Plan

  • Fall Term: July 15th through October 15th
  • Spring Term: December 15th through March 15th
  • Summer Term: May 15th through June 15th

A variety of circumstances may cause a student to have a refund or credit balance on their student account. Payments, including scholarships, grants and loans, that are higher than the amount owed and are in excess of tuition, fees, room and board may result in a student refund. You can check your account status in the student portal:

Chatham University is happy to offer direct deposit for student credit balances. Credit balances are processed electronically through Education Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) and deposited directly into your bank account. Student credit balances are issued within 7-14 days after your students account develops a credit balance.

New students can register online after July 1.

Once activated, you will receive alerts letting you know when a payment is scheduled to be deposited to you, or you can make changes online and check on activity at any time.  

Please note: If you are not enrolled in the direct deposit program or have a credit balance that is the result of a Parent Plus loan, a refund check will be mailed to the address on file with the University or the address on the Parent PLUS loan application.

Register for Refund Online

All full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage. Full-time students who wish to enroll in the Chatham University Student Health Insurance Plan can do so online at The University sponsored plan is designed to meet basic healthcare needs at an affordable cost.

  • Coverage costs will be determined by April 30
  • Open enrollment runs June 1 through September 15 

Bookstore vouchers are available to students with credit balances on their student accounts and will be charged to your student account for the full voucher amount

  • Students can receive up to $500 per term (depending on credit balance amount)
  • Students will receive a credit on their student account if less is spent at the Bookstore