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Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary major that examines issues of race, ethnicity, class, and culture. Drawing on social, cultural, and literary theories, this major introduces methods of interpretation for the analysis of cultural objects in their social contexts. Students learn to apply contemporary theory in their critical analysis of literature, film, and other cultural narratives.

A required core of courses provides students with the tools necessary to analyze representations of culture. The electives allow students the opportunity to focus on aspects of the field that meet their particular interests. Students are expected to work closely with their advisors in order to construct a coherent course of study.

African-American Studies

The minor in African-American studies is an interdisciplinary program of study designed to expose students to the history and culture of African Americans in the United States and to place their experiences, conditions, social institutions, and artistic contributions within the context of the literature, histories, and cultures of the African Diaspora.