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Alumna Profile: Elizabeth Sherman MOT ‘16


“I really liked what the university was about overall in terms of its commitment to sustainability and women’s leadership, and was really interested in the Occupational Therapy program’s commitment to community health and community-based projects,” Elizabeth Sherman says. 

Always ChathamU

Global Chatham

The coronavirus has affected thousands around the world, and social distancing has disrupted our lives in multiple ways. By closing our campuses and switching to virtual learning, we are doing our part to help slow the spread and save lives. But in the midst of it all, Chatham endures.

Alumni Profile: Annette Aho, MHI ’19


“I cannot fix your computer,” laughs Annette Aho, MHI ’19, “but I can manage a healthcare problem that has to do with implementing technology from the beginning to the end.”

Devin Corboy '18

Alumni Success

Devin Corboy talks about his experience providing disaster relief in Nepal after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region in 2015. Cory traveled to Nepal twice to provide medical care to injured residents.

Rita Armstrong, DNP '14

Alumni Success

Dr. Armstrong enrolled in Chatham’s DNP program in January 2014 and graduated in December of that same year, studying full time and working full time.

Nola the Nurse and Scharmaine Baker-Lawson, DNP '08

Alumni Success

It’s a drizzly morning in Shreveport, LA, but big band jazz pours from the loudspeakers inside the Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Baptist Church, and look—a giant mascot dressed as a nurse in a white uniform with a huge afro and long felt lashes is dancing up the aisle. Bodies in puffy coats and sweatshirts twist on the pews to get a good look—hundreds of them, girls and boys in third, fourth, and fifth grades, chanting NO-LA! NO-LA! NO-LA!Waving to the crowd, Nola the Nurse® reaches the front of the church, and starts to dance with her creator, Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, DNP ’08. They sway, bump hips, clap. Soon the music settles down and so do the kids, which is good, because Nola and Baker are up from New Orleans to do some educating. “Have any of you heard of a nurse practitioner?” Baker demands of the crowd. “NO,” says a little boy in the front row. “NO?” says Baker, feigning outrage. “Well, see, that’s what I’m here to change.”

Alumni Profile: Margy Whitmer '74

Alumni Success

If you've seen the trailer for Won't You Be My Neighbor?, the 2018 American documentary film about Fred Rogers, host and creator of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, you've seen Margy Whitmer ’74, who served as a producer on the show.

Dr. Kathi Elliott DNP '14

Alumni Success

Dr. Kathi Elliott, DNP ’14, continues her mother’s legacy of empowering women and girls as executive director of Gwen's Girls.

A Nursing Perspective on Climate Change


In honor of Nurse’s Week (May 6 - May 12), we asked Assistant Professor and Practice Experience Coordinator of the nursing programs, Jennifer Wasco, DNP, RN to discuss the impact climate change is having on healthcare and what nurses can do to help patients face a rapidly declining environment.